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Newbie questions on protein and fat intake.

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  • Newbie questions on protein and fat intake.

    Hi there,

    I am in my first week of transitioning to Primal, and I'm loving it so far! I never knew what it was like to feel satisfied after eating without feeling stuffed and bloated! I've had no problems restricting my carbs, and no symptoms of carb flu save a mild headache. I'm 4 days in. I lost 60lbs last year on a standard calorie restricted diet, but i never felt healthy. I have since out 28lbs back on. Im hoping primal will allow me to lose weight and feel healthy with it.

    I have a few questions regarding my fat and protein intake.

    According to my LBM, I should be eating 64g of protein per day. I'm aiming to keep my carbs between 50 and 80g, as I'm aiming to lose fat. As I understand it, I should eat more fat than protein, and this is where I'm struggling. I've planned my menu for the week, and on 5 days out of 7, my protein intake in grams is equal to or higher than my fat intake in grams. In percentages, it averages out to 17% carbs, 56% fat and 27% protein, though the fat is as high as 63% on one day.

    Can anyone advise me if this is ok, or if I should up my fat intake? If so, how? You can see my food diary and planned menu on MyFitnessPal if you think it would help to know what I was eating. My user name is FlittyGetsFit.

    Many thanks.

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    Don't look at grams, look at calories. Or don't look at all. But a gram of fat is ~9 kCal/gram, while the other 2 macronutrients are ~4.
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      Check out our eat moar fat thread We can help you over there.
      But def more fat than protein.


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          Thank you, I shall read it now


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            Maybe post your stats at the end first so we can help you work out your macros. Goal weight in kg is one