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Does grass fed beef protein powder exist?

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  • Does grass fed beef protein powder exist?

    Does grass fed beef protein powder exist?

    I see tons of grass fed wheys and a few beef isolate powders when I try searching, but no grass fed beef protein powder.

    I'm asking for one reason. I deal with hypoglycemia on regular basis. For work, I bartend in a nightclub. My shifts range from 6hrs to 9hrs without a break to eat. In the past I've either made myself a ready to mix my "mini meal replacement"(coconut or almond milk, fish oil, whatever whey I used at the time, raw cacao powder, and coconut flour). This helped to stabilize my blood sugar and keep me on track through my shift. Days I did not bring this with me I would drink a couple shots of any alcohol or have a combination of juices and/or sodas.

    I've been eating primal for 2 weeks now. I still bring to work my ready to mix shake minus the whey. It works, but it doesn't seem to work as well, meaning work as long as it did with 1 scoop of whey.

    Any advice on what I can add to substitute for the previous whey would also be appreciated.

    Something I would like to add. I eat at work just before we open and first thing once we are closed. Those meals are prepared ahead of time at home and remain primal. It's just that mid-shift intake is lacking a little something.
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