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  • Confused and Need Advice...?

    So, I seem to have a problem trying to get my daily caloric needs in... Not to mention I'm not even sure what my goal should be! I'm guessing it should be around 1500 if I am trying to get to 117 lbs? (I'm currently 125 lbs @ 5'1 and workout at least 3 times a week. Used to CF 5 times a week but am traveling for the next few months).

    Also, based on my research here on MDA ('m going to try cutting out eggs to see if I may have an inflammatory response to them. I'm really hoping I don't since this is THE breakfast of choice for me. But could anyone give me some NON-egg choices for breakfast? I need something heavy in protein...

    This past week I know I haven't been eating enough (due to a busy schedule) and I've definitely been impacted by this. I get dizzy spells and just don't have the energy. I saw Conan's response to another thread saying that the body is trying to reserve what energy source it does have which is why I must be feeling this way. I thought I'd lose weight this past week but if anything I'm feeling inflammation and weak.

    Lastly, I've been primal for about a month now and I just haven't had the same energy levels as I used to before. I've cut out all grains since I started but am wondering if I should reintroduce them into my diet? Or maybe at least some yogurt?

    If ya'll can help with some advice and words of encouragement that'd be really great. Be easy on me...I'm new to this Primal life

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    You can use a BMR/RMR calculator to find out what your caloric needs are. I like the one at

    I found a nice whey protein shake at Wegman's (Wegman's brand) that I use on occasions when I don't feel like eating eggs for breakfast- which is rare. Also, there's nothing wrong with eating dinner or lunch foods for breakfast. I love pork chops in the morning.

    As for your energy levels and reintroducing some grains- I would say you're just not eating enough. I would say increase your fat and protein and just make sure you're getting enough calories, and your energy should balance out. If you need a carby pick-me-up, I would reach for fruit before going for grains. Yogurt isn't as bad as grains, in my opinion, but I noticed after cutting dairy I can't tolerate it as well as I used to. You can give it a try but I found dairy hinders my weight loss also.

    Stick with it. It's a little tough in the beginning, getting your body used to a new lifestyle, especially after being used to the old way for so many years.


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      Fish or meat with salad yum!

      More low carb breakfast ideas


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        Thanks guys. I'll keep with it.

        And DR - you are right. I tried milk once and it did NOT taste as good as it once did

        I think overall I am probably missing the calories from carbs such as bread and need to try harder to find a bigger variety of food ideas.