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Two weeks of PB living and no carb flu

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  • Two weeks of PB living and no carb flu

    Just curious, I have been reading allot on this site since going primal/paleo and hear about this carb flu that everyone talks about and I have had no such symptoms or anything like that. I feel good since starting this lifestyle and have been very close to 100% primal(2 glasses of wine since starting) my daily carb intake of 40-60grams on 1700 calories a day(roughly) used my fitness pal a few days to see what i was eating. Haven't lost any weight or inches as yet but wondering if there is something wrong with not going through this carb flu thing? Not that I want to feel that

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    Not everybody gets it. I never did. It would depend a lot on how dependent your metabolism was on carbs in the first place.



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      I didn't get it either.


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        I never got it. Some people get it 3-4 weeks in, others never do.
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          If I got it, it was too mild to notice.


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            I think it matters how much carbs you ate to start with. I was a pretty clean eater to begin with, so didn't suffer carb flu either. Plus I'm not VLC, just LC.
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              I got carb flu 3-4 weeks into it. It passed though. Eating primal has been good for my body, so I don't regret having to feel that way for a little bit.