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Getting back on the horse...pfft!

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  • Getting back on the horse...pfft!

    November through December I was fully primal. Losing fat, IFing all over the place and generally feeling pretty chipper. Then came Christmas, which was pretty under control...but then I went on holiday.

    A surfing holiday in Morocco. It was the most amazing time, weeks of sun and pumping surf...I was in heaven. The place I stayed at was fully catered though and after a couple of days of trying to get through four hours of surfing a day on a small egg salad and some (alarmingly grubby) nuts purchased from a wandering beach seller, I finally caved in to the crack-like carbs that were provided in abundance from the camp.

    Of course the food was cereal, sweetened yoghurt, bread, jam fruit juice for breakfast, lots of baguette and a fizzy drink for lunch, more baguette for supper time....*sigh* you get the picture. The saving grace was a fully primal home cooked meal from the in-house chef. Beef tagine, O my days!

    Back home now and have been primal for two days. My question is this; will it be easier for me to become fat adapted this time around and am I still likely to get the low carb flu?

    I was just wondering, really. On the plus side, my upper body is nearly pure muscle after two weeks of paddling. You should see my triceps and my lats, I'm a flipping goddess!