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morning stomach upset...what's up?

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  • morning stomach upset...what's up?

    Over the past week I've been feeling kind of bloated and sore of stomach after breakfast. It's not extreme, but irritating, and I'm trying to figure out what's going on. I've been having coffee first thing, then eating eggs and bacon, or eggs and smoked salmon, as I normally do. This morning I had green tea instead of the coffee, but last night I had a bit more red wine that usual (and advisable)...could it be the wine? Do people develop sensitivity to eggs over time? I buy "Phil's Omega 3" eggs from Whole Foods, about the best that can be had without getting chickens, I think. I don't have stomach upset if I fast, so I suspect it's food (or drink) related. Overall I'm lower carb (50-75g) than in the summer when there's all the fresh fruit. Carbs are mainly salad greens, carrots, brassicas, and squash. I've been having some Greek yogurt and an occasional probiotic since it started to get the gut flora going.

    Oh, and I'm male, so it's not morning sickness!

    Any insights would be appreciated...