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Question on digestive health?

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  • Question on digestive health?

    Hey just wondering if anyone out there can shed a bit of light on this. Since going primal I am definitely less gassy than I used to be however sometimes I seem to have little mini burps- not all out barney gumble style- more like schhhh when you open a fizzy drink- anyway they seem to happen at odd times- like not when I have eaten- for example when I got up this morning and went for a walk and hadnít eaten breakfast yet and before I had lunch this afternoon. Now it is not negatively impacting my life in any major way, I donít have any bloating or tummy cramps, I am just a bit concerned that it may be a sign that something is a bit out of whack.
    Just to give you a bit of background info. I had Giardia about 3 months ago, I unwittingly had it for about 6 months, the symptoms would flare up every 4-6weeks, I just kept thinking I had eaten something bad or had an allergy, until it got absolutely ferociously bad one night and my boyfriend dragged me to the doctor first thing in the morning, they some antibiotics that carpet bombed my intestines and so far none of the Giardia symptoms have been back.
    I do eat greek yogurt maybe about twice a week so I am hoping that my gut flora should be ok. Although quite often it is in the form of homemade salad dressing made with yogurt and vinegar, could the vinegar kill off the yogurt bacteria?

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    I've been on PB 7 weeks and after about the 3rd week I sometimes get hiccups while or after eating. They don't last long. I wonder if that's similar.

    I'm not sure my gut flora are good yet, but they're much better. I've been taking probiotic capsules, and eating Kimchi, sauerkruat, and cultured yogurt.
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