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  • 400g of plums and a tablespoon of rice pudding.
    Four egg cheesy bacon omelette with homemade hash brown.
    Protein sludge - GY, chocolate whey, cocoa powder, mashed cauliflower and a Turkish deligh bar. Mmmmmm...
    Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

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    • Big pot of rooibos tea with coconut cream over the course of the day. Ribs for dinner and camembert for dessert.


      • 3-4 cups of milk, 2 cups OJ, 2-3 oz of colby jack cheese, coffee, 1 tablespoon of CO, shredded coconut, small Izze fizzy drink, can of oysters, 1 packet of lime jello.


        • Lunch: Cauliflower and cheese quiche, oven baked new potatoes; banana-berry cheesecake with chocolate almond base, and cream, two fresh apricots.

          Snack: feta on cucumber slices.

          Dinner will be: Roast chicken and vegetables - pumpkin, carrot, onion; garden fresh beans. I'll try to make a gravy or reduction from the chicken juices.
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          • Breakfast: 4 eggs fried in butter with curry
            Lunch: 80g of macadamias
            Dinner: veal sweetbread in morels mushroom sauce (morels + cream)

            During the day: ginger flavored green tea, and a coffee before workout


            • 4 eggs fried in bacon grease...
              Oh, and bout a 1/2 pound of the bacon
              Coffee with tons of coconut cream (wifes making a chicken curry for dinner so I stole it)

              So dinner will be that chicken and veggie curry.


              • Yesterday I had...

                A PWO Choc Whey shake (couldn't be bothered cooking).
                Some Greek Yoghurt, nuts, berries and coconut chips mixed together with whey.
                A salmon fillet on a bed of white rice with mixed veggies.
                Chocolate avocado mousse on top of a banana. Damn, that stuff is good.

                Today I'm having:
                PWO Sushi made from leftover salmon.
                A amb leg steak I have sitting in the fridge along with some potatoes and veggies.
                Rice pudding. Been thinking about this for ages, gonna try (try) my hand in making some.
                Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

                Fitocracy Workout Tracker:
                MFP Food Diary:
                (Date is New Zealand Time UTC+ 12hours)


                • Rockstar Xdurance. Ooops!

                  Green smoothie with unflavored grass-fed whey, baby kale, mango, banana, blueberry, yogurt, and almond milk

                  Arugula/spinach/kale/chard salad with avocado, sirloin, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette
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                  • Breakfast is usually some bacon and between 1 and 3 eggs.
                    Lunch was half an avocado, 2 tomatoes, 2 tbsp homemade tapenade, and tuna mayonnaise.
                    Dinner was whipped cream with frozen berries (and artificial sweetener - oops!)

                    Reading other peoples posts, they seem to eat a lot of meat. Maybe I am not eating enough? I think I need to start tracking.


                    • 4 Egg omlette with lots of salt, 2 Litres freshly Squeezed OJ, 2 Litres Milk, 250gm Cheddar Cheese, Oysters, Bone broth Soup, 3 filter coffees, 1 Punnet Lychees, 1/2 punnet grapes, 2 kiwis, 1 raw carrot, 2 tablespoons coconut oil. About 100gm additional white sugar added to Milk, Coffee.
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                      • Green lemonade (lemon, kale, romaine, ginger, apple all juiced up)

                        2 eggs

                        chaga tea


                        • So far today:

                          early snack (11am): some full fat yogurt

                          meal 1 (1pm): mashed sweet potato and white potato, with four fried eggs on top

                          meal 2: I anticipate will be baked chicken thighs, with buttered peas on the side (If I am not hungry then, I won't eat it)
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                          SW - 183 (Jan 22, 2012), CW - 159, GW - healthy.

                          Met my 2012 goals by losing 24 pounds.
                          2013 goals are to get fit and strong!


                          • 1 1/2 pounds of venison and four eggs


                            • Just had pizza and white rice. What!!!
                              One time


                              • Ive been having some impulse days. The bakery made almond cookies again (with refined sugar), and Ive gone a little haywire.

                                Well, I'm the one buying them so....

                                Today I had black coffee and coffee with milk (....). Apple Walnut tuna salad with sesame seeds, a little honey mustard. A few, (or humongous quantities) of almond cookies.

                                At least today I'll make a canvas which might keep me entertained and sweating.