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  • Carbs+Fat or Carbs alone...

    For those of you who wonder if you should eat your sweet potato with tons of butter or plain to minimize weight gain/maximize fat loss (becasue if you are insulin sensitive I don't think eating sweet potatoes should concern you... they don't CAUSE metabolic disruption in my opinion..anyways...) here are two blog posts that can give you your answer:


    Apparently, if the fat is primarily saturated and the carbs aren't too high, you are probably better off eating your carbs with FAT!

    And, I know this question has been asked many times but I thought I would just start a new thread.

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    i dunno if i agree with that or not... going for a high carb i wouldnt drench it in fat
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      Mal, did you read the studies?
      Can you elaborate on your opinion openly?


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        yes i have read the studies i follow both blogs... i just do not PERSONALLY agree with added lots of saturated fat(or any good fat) to a potato. i also think the whole point of higher carb eating is to raise leptin... this fatt + carb would definitely blunt the response
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          Well, universally low leptin levels are one of the three common metabolic attributes that centenarians share. Some old folks are vegetarians, some drink gallons of goat's milk, some smoke, some eat low carb, some eat high carb... bla bla bla. Lower leptin means lower body fat; the level of circulating leptin is directly proportional to the total amount of fat in the body and low leptin is a marker (if not direct contributor) of longevity. Leptin suppresses appetite. The only reason to raise it would be to get body fat to a lower than natural level. Then there is the issue of leptin resistance which goes along with insulin resistance but that is a topic for another day.


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            so butter your sweet potato.... i was just saying i wouldnt
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              Well, I feel for you and I am concerned that you are disagreeing with me (which in general is perfectly fine) becasue you are here to gain weight and fertility. For you to raise your leptin means that you will not gain weight or develop an appetite like you need to. Maybe it would help for you to eat fat and carbs together. I's just a suggestion and I apologize if I sounded like I was talking down to you in any way.


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                i do eat carbs and fat together... i thought you were referring to those who wanted to lose weight... my bad. i appreciate your concern with my weight gain and fertility immensly however i am more than interested to learn

                starchy veggies simply are not in season at the moment but i eat tons of veggies on a daily basis and they are always soaked in coconut oil, butter, ghee, roast fat or sour cream
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                  Thanks for the links, Zoe -- this is always a topic of interest to me. Molecular Grokologist addresses it in his "Ask a Biochemist" thread, too.
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                    Oh I see, that was totally confusing that I was saying to loose weight in the initial post and then wasn't talking about that when we were discussing leptin later! Woops! I should clear this up for everyone else.
                    I guess overall I would tell people if you want to gain, eat as many primal starches as you want and eat them the way you like them including dousing with butter and coconut milk and if you are looking to loose significant body fat and are going low carb (these 2 have go hand in hand in my opinion) then don't worry about eating your occasional starches with good (saturated) fat becasue unless you are doing a strict, specific carb cycling to get BF lower than normal, eating butter with 40g of potato (which is only 2/3 cup sweet potato) than the butter won't hurt you--in fact it most likely will help according d to the posted studies stay in fat burning mode. If you did this with a huge potato or for multiple meals in a row, however, then you would end up on the weight gaining plan from sheer amount of starch. Get it?
                    It is confusing becasue I am advocating fat and and carbs together for both groups of people but the difference is that one group is having a small amount of potato occasionally on a low carb plan whereas the gainers are eating as many primal starches as they want (as long as they aren't compromising nutritious meats and fats... which means they are more "moderate carb" compared to most Americans). *Sigh*. I am bad at explaining things!
                    Oh, your welcome Barbey.
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