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    I was meeting with a MD the other day interviewing her to be our baby's pediatrician. She asked about me and I told her I deal with hypertension but my heart is in great shape, RHR is below 50s and even though I am still overweight I workout a few times a week (primal). She asked if I was so strict in my diet, why haven't I lost the extra weight?

    I had no answer.

    She said, "You may not be eating the right foods." She introduced me to Dr. D'Adamo book. Interesting, but lots of foods I'd never eat are "beneficial" foods. As for proteins, I was shocked that it said that I was not to be eating anything but goat, lamb, turkey and most fishes.

    Anyone have any other perspectives on this? I'd like to really drop at least 25 more lbs. I am stuck at 210/200 and I can't seem to drop. Any more. I don't want to be hungry all the time by cleaning up 200 more calories per day either.

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    The blood type diet will at most let you know what food sensitivities you have, as blood types are really just Antibody related... This does help, but I think blood typing is supplemental at most.

    As far as different plans go, I always recommend a mix of metabolic typing/primal to my clients, and it works out great every time. So look into metabolic typing.

    Lastly, what are you eating? What are the workouts like? And are you hungry all the time now (could mean you need a re-feed to normalize Neuropeptide Y)
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      My understanding is that there's absolutely no scientific basis for the "blood type" diet--although since I'm an O and supposed to eat low carb, it works for me!

      If you're eating primal and not losing, I suspect just too much food. Have you considered trying a little IF?


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        There is essentially no corroborating scientific evidence for D'Adamo's assertions and no known mechanism whereby they would work. Blood type has a weak correlation with a number of things like propensity to develop ulcers, but there is no known connection between dietary sensitivities and blood type.

        An MD ought to know better.

        That said, many people do well on strict diets like these, simply because they proscribe nasties like wheat and sugar. Just reconsider throwing out the baby with that bathwater.
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          I used to blood type diet (A) and am struck by some similarities. Grains especially.
          ER4YT was one of my first steps toward eating real, whole foods.


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            EGY: My understating about Metabolic typing is that we are 99.7% the same? Mark talked about it a few times. Just curious.

            emmie: I can't IF. I mean, I skip a meal here and there, but then total gorge-fest with my next meal. I never get those energy boosts that ppl here talk about. I fasted on Ash Wednesday. Tuesday 9:30pm till 8:30pm on Wed. I had to cut out of work early, nap a few times. It was ugly. In church I had the worse tunnel vision... skipping Saturday lunch, totally works. Not sure why though since Dinner always ends up being big.

            My daily diet is like this: 2-3 eggs, piece of fruit, sometimes 1/4c greek yogurt, green tea / some almonds / BAS or plate of veggies + meat / berries or a few scant pieces of dried fruits / meat + veggies / sometimes a snack of greek yogurt

            My meat portions are like 6-8oz per meal. My dairy portions are like 1/4c. My almonds are like 6-10pcs. I'm serious, my caloric intake is around 2200 at max. I hardly eat crap CW foods. My carbs per day are under 100g. I cook in fat on cast iron. Just about every meal. I grill lots. I do like alcohol. That may be my problem. Wine with dinner. 4-8oz red wine. At least 4 times a week. Might be it...

            My workouts are pretty normal. I like HIIT, but limit it to 2 times a week. I do walk/hike. I love to ride my fixed gear bike (has 52t on front so its like pedaling uphill always), I do kettle bells but only have a 1 pood so I need to up that. I do burpees once a week. I also do some former P90X workouts once and a while.

            Anyone see a problem here? It's super frustrating since almost 1.5 years ago I was 250lbs. I lost most of it by last July. Once I went primal, I started creeping the weight back on. I was lowest at 195. Today I am back up to 210. I may be taking in more fats and calories than before, but I was eating 2800 calories per day and it was mostly grains. Now its less calories, no grains, legumes, or processed foods. I buy mostly from markets and not shopping centers. I prepare everything myself. I even make my own bacon. Tea is the only packaged foods. Oh eggs too, they come in their own package.


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              I think the alcohol is a main contributor to your stalled weight loss... fruits, yogurt and almonds are probably not helping either... how bout trying to cut those out for about a week and see if you see any results... I know for me, alcohol stalled my weight loss everytime... maintenance is no problem, but if I ever wanted to lose weight, I couldn't have alcohol...


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                Ok, I'll skip the alcohol for a week and see if that was it. Anyone suggest what to eat as some light snack thourout the day other than almonds, fruits and yougurt? I keep processing this food pyramid and I keep reading "Fruits and Vegetables" yet many here keep saying to eat more meat. The Paleo/Primal pyramids are very similar and I hope we are looking at the same thing. Meats are "sometimes" Fruits and veggies are "always." I am missing where the lard, tallow eaters are eating it all day?


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                  I agree with Chunster, you got to cut out almonds (I had a hard time with it, they're my favorite nut) but not only do they impact your weight but, they are ridiculously high in omega 6. you have to take a ton of fish oil pills to balance them out. Try Macadamias, they are a balanced omega nut, great snack. and fruits are just sugar (carbs) so I usually just do a banana and maybe an apple. Green veg (veg in general) should be a big part of your diet.

                  And as for the blood type diet, I think its a consensus that unless you have food sensitivities then you should just eat a variety of healthy foods. Dr. D'Adamo was just trying to test CW, which I respect but, his findings are not convincing IMO
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                    I have a good life with a mix of Metabolic and Primal. Actually, for me it isn't much of a mix because I am a ' metabolic meat eater'. I would recommend that you read up more on a metabolic style and see how it fits. Some people are Arctic Circle, some are tropical Pacific Islands. The idea merits some thought.
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                      Im not sure if I understand the question on metabolic typing... can you clarify that a little?

                      And from what I see, you might want to update the workouts, get some steady weight lifting in. How steady are you with the P90X? It dosen't have to exactly be weight lifting, body complexes are good too. But you should be consistent.
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                        Are you sure about that 2200 calories? I ask because I didn't realize you were also drinking alcohol, and you mention needing to "snack throughout the day." Because of age and medical condition, I have to seriously restrict calories, and since I count, I know how quickly they add up. Although you're eating primal, you might be getting more calories than you realize.

                        As others have mentioned, I'd ditch the almonds and the yoghurt, too. I'd also quit 'snacking.' If you eat enough at meals, you should not need to snack. If you are constantly eating, you're keeping that insulin response going and risking storing fat.


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                          Great dialogue here. I always need to be grounded a bit.

                          I am not familiar with metabolic typing, is that what D'Adamo talks about? I've not read his book. I've only really read Marks. This site does not really endorse the metabolic typing theory.



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                            You can't IF and you need to snack just like your average Joe can't do a pullup and needs to have his soda fix every day.

                            It's all a matter of training, discipline and readjustment to better habits. Why shoot yourself in the foot by saying you "can't?"
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                              William Wolcott and all the Chekies talk about it... It's William Wolcott's book based off of Weston A price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

                              Oh I know Mark doesn't endorse it, I was just giving a differing opinion. I think Primal is great (more than great), but I also believe in metabolic typing to a certain extent because it has proven to be true with people I've dealt with, and based off the book... There's really no arguments between metabolic typers and primal, it's just people interpret it that way because they have the "Im right you're wrong, even if you're saying what Im saying" mindset haha
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