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    I admit it, I was concerned that my cholesterol levels would change when I switched from a low-fat CW diet on which I'd lost ~70 pounds to Paleo last July. All of my levels rocked, but I had been on a weight plateau for close to 1.5 years and I was hoping this approach would improve some digestive system problems.

    Lo these 6 months later it was physical time. I've lost 10 pounds in the past 6 months. I was quite close to my goal, and I am now at the target weight that I've been trying to reach for 3 years. My cholesterol levels are pretty much exactly the same as they were. No change, which is great because they were quite good before. So between this, the improvement of digestive system issues, and just how GOOD I feel, I will be sticking with this

    I would LIKE to lose at least 8 more pounds and drop my BF another 6-7% but that will just have to come when it comes. I've not noted the drastic changes that others have with this, but things have certainly improved. With this bad shoulder that is severely limiting my upper body work it does make it more difficult to build muscle - which for a 53 year old woman is difficult anyway. All in all this has been a very positive 6 months!
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    Congrats on your overall success!

    Not sure whats wrong with your shoulder, but just getting out for a daily walk is great. There are methods of strength training that have a rather strong focus on joint health that may be of benefit for you. Body by Science is one such book. Congruent Exercise by Bill DeSimone is another. Good luck!


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      Originally posted by Catrin View Post
      I am now at the target weight that I've been trying to reach for 3 years.

      I would LIKE to lose at least 8 more pounds and drop my BF another 6-7%
      Well done you! If you thought about your target weight before you set it, perhaps your body just wants to hang out there for a while and you'll need some sort of shock therapy like intermittent fasting to start the weight loss process again.

      You don't say what your BF is, so the obvious question is:- If you drop another 6-7% will it do you any good?

      I have just about reached my initial goal weight but still have flab and so I have set a new lower goal. I am not too bothered about what weight I end up as long as I can see less of a beer barrel and more of a six pack.
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        We are following up with the shoulder, it may require surgery, meh, but that is another topic. I can STILL do back squats and deadlifts though

        I am currently around 22% body fat, at one time I was well over 30% so there has been great improvement. I've still too much viceral fat however and I would like to get down to about 18% if I can - so that is a decrease of 4%. I don't think that is an unreasonable goal but we will see.


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          Be aware that women, in general, seem to do better at higher body fat percentages than men. At some point, your losses may slow or even stop, but that could just be your body telling you that that is where it is comfortable and wants to be. Listening to our bodies goes beyond merely knowing your hunger signals (even though we talk a lot about that around here as well).
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            Originally posted by Catrin View Post
            I am currently around 22% body fat
            How have you measured that? I haven't bothered with body fat because I don't have easy access to an accurate measurement, but I was thinking 20% would be a nice every day number for me. At the moment, I think I can see an easy 10 lbs around my middle. I am debating whether a real measurement is worth it or if I should just rely on the mirror.
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              Bod Pod - I get a free one every three-four months in the group training program I belong to.


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                How do these numbers look?

                As it turns out my cholesterol levels hadn't been received yet so what I saw was from the last time.

                THIS time my levels were higher - not much of a surprise, that. Here is the breakdown.

                CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 219

                TRIGLYCERIDES 57
                HDL-CHOLESTEROL 59
                LDL-CHOLESTEROL 149
                CHOL/HDLC RATIO 3.71

                Personally I don't see how 59+149 = 219. but that is what the report says. My overall total is higher, it was 155 in late 2010. 219 doesn't seem high enough to worry about and has to be attributed to the much higher percentage of meat and saturated fats in my diet. I THINK the ratio is fine but I wanted to check. The individual numbers well below what is considered normal.
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