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Ceramic FryPan - FAILED!

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  • Ceramic FryPan - FAILED!

    dear Paleo Primal friends

    I have been Primal since June and my life has never been better. October I changed house and I bought some new cooking equipment. december, Christmas, I cheated a bit but not too much. A bit of stomach pain came back but I didn't worried, nothing new, I know going back to Primal was going to save me.
    But 12 days in, iwth absolutely no cheating, no gluten no sugar no lactose, pain it's still here.
    Plus other problems....and what I found out is that maybe my ceramic pan is the reason.
    My ceramic pan is not white anymore, I didn't know that wasn't supposed to happen so I have been eating a lot of metal/lead/who knows what in these months. I am not using it anymore

    Question is...I have been using this since October, so 2/3 months, cooking twice a day.
    What should I do? I feel not so good, my skin has rushes and digestive system messed up again.
    Should I go to hospital or using another pan will fix the problem? I am abroad, this is the reason why I haven't visited a doctor yet.
    I will call my doctor but since he is not into paleo/primal, not sure if he will give me good advices except maybe waiting until all the metals are out from my system.

    Do you know what is going on?
    Did I got lead-poisoned?
    Is there any supplement I could take to make the recover faster?
    Anything I should absolutely do?

    Bio Ceramix / Alluminium / Pensofal Jumbo Frypan is the product

    Major sinthoms are:

    - abdominal pain
    - stomach pain
    - diarreah
    - a general feeling of burning
    - itching in the head, chest and extremities
    - muscles pain
    - other minor things

    If the pan is the reason it leave me with no words: it's unbelieveble the amount of danger we need to be aware of. What is the best cookware to buy, safe and reliable? I thought this was the best of the best.

    Thank you very much, I am just sad and I know that out there is a jungle and I need to be more vigilant, there are no tigers but lot of evil creatures to be aware of

    Thank you very much
    A sad Claudio

    2013-01-12 00.56.26.jpg