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Digestive enzymes / probiotics side effects

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  • Digestive enzymes / probiotics side effects

    Hi guys, please help,
    I recently had a health check up in the uk by company called optihealth. They done various tests and one of results was I have low enzymes and low flora level. Thought I had a rough idea this was case as I have bad gas and bloat after big meals .
    They advised me to take dig enzyme n probiotics. Since taking 2 days ago , I feel very tired , a loss of appetite , nausea which is not like me at all. Is just the initial change in balance in system and gradually I will go back to norm? Or it could be a slight flu / bug I've got ?
    What's anyone's experience?

    Ps I'm using solgar dig enzyme ATM. & culturelle lactobicilous probiotics
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