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    I just cooked two big pork loins. Just simple in the oven. Not very exciting but I was tired. Any ideas of what I can do with all the left overs tomorrow?

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    To keep it simple I would just cut it up in slices, throw in some raw or cooked veggies mixed with the meat, and then wrap it in a leafy green and eat as a wrap/sandwitch. Maybe add in a dressing too.
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      Cut it into pork chops then make pork chop lettuce wraps. Throw a pickle on there and you are good to go!


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          It's a lean cut, so sometimes reheating makes it tough. Stirfries or soup/stew, or anything where you're adding fat or liquid will work pretty nicely.
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            I would saute some onions and mushrooms in generous amount of fat (caramelized onions are pretty awesome). When almost done, add meat cut into cubes. Stir well till it's heated through.


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              You could try using the pork loin in a banh mi salad:


              1 pound of pork loin, sliced into 1/2-inch pieces
              3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced or pressed
              2 tablespoons fish sauce (found in the Asian section of grocery stores)
              1 teaspoon black pepper
              5 cups grated cabbage
              1 cup grated carrot
              1 to 2 cups thinly sliced or chopped cucumber
              2 green onions, chopped
              Handful of mint and cilantro leaves, torn into pieces
              Optional: jalapeno and radish, thinly sliced
              1/4 cup mayonnaise
              2 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar (fresh lime juice can be substituted)


              Combine pork, garlic, fish sauce and black pepper in a sealed bag or container. Marinate while you prepare the rest of the ingredients, or longer if possible.
              In a small bowl, whisk together mayo and vinegar. If you like a lot of dressing on your salad, double the amounts used. Set aside.
              Combine all the vegetables and herbs in a large bowl.
              Heat several tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil in a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. Add the pork, searing for 3-4 minutes on each side.

              Remove from the pan. Slice the medallions of pork into thin strips and mix with the salad ingredients.

              Pour dressing on top. Toss well and serve.
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                I made this recipe Spiced Pork and Butternut Squash with Sage | Mark's Daily Apple and saved the extra sauce. Later I dumped it in the crock pot with a pork loin. You could easily whip up a similar sauce, or any kind of sauce really, and reheat the pork in it in the microwave or on the stove.