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16, gyno?

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  • 16, gyno?

    First off, sorry if this is misplaced, I'm just a bit confused/distressed.

    I'm 16, 6'0 190 pounds (down from 250) and wondering if I have gyno.
    I took my q20130109_160713-1.jpguestion to /fit/ (bad idea?) and the overwhelming verdict is that I do because of the sagging skin and "puffy" nipples.
    Do I have gyno? Will my breasts go away when I lose more weight? Thanks

    Edit; I don't know how to add a pic, so here's the link to the 4chan thread. Im OP.
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    Are they swollen, hardened, painful to touch? You could just be dealing with pseudo gyno via loose skin, excess fat deposits, etc

    I would get your prolactin checked through labs

    Also, asking /fit/ anything is a bad idea. The only thing they know about is the feel of no gf

    Edit: saw pic, that's just fat ie; pseudo gyno, not gyno
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      No, they are not. Just soft so I assumed fat. The only thing thar convinced me otherwise is that they sag a bit.


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        It's loose skin from dropping weight
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          think you need a doctor and a hormone panel...low T? High estradiol? Excess fat generates estrogens, so it never hurts to reform your lifestyle in favor of a healthy weight (as you're obviously doing, congrats on losing 60 lbs!) but for definitive answers you need baseline lab numbers, not abuse from random hooligans on 4chan.
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            Thanks cantare, ill look into that.


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              Also, if anyone could give me a rough bf% estimate, I would greatly appreciate that. (I understand that's difficult, but a 5% range would be great. I.e am I under 20% yet?


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                You're still above 20% from what I remember
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                  I can't seem to see the picture, but I just read in The Perfect Health Diet that wheat affects prolactin and can cause this. If you are new to primal and only recently off wheat maybe that will aid in fixing it. Hopefully it is just what others said, skin and fat. It will go away with time. It takes the body awhile to tighten the skin back up and sometimes a low body fat is needed to get rid of the fat that is attached to the loose skin and therefore somewhat keeping it from shrinking. Best of luck, sorry I can't see the pic to comment.
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