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  • Wrong decision

    Waiting for hubby to get all the shopping has meant I have been easing myself into going Primal slowly to allow me to go whole hog tomorrow, however today I had a diet coke and had the worlds worst headache. 2 days without it and I admit I drank having had 2 cups of tea and no food and I just felt starving and then had a terrible headache!
    Coincidence or my body telling me to get my backside into gear?

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    Fake sugar (mostly aspartame) will give my wife an instant migraine that lasts for hours, if not into the next day. Even a piece of gum will trigger several hours of misery.


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      what is diet coke doing in your house?


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        Why don't you eat real food when you are hungry and have not eaten? That is more the essence of the primal blueprint than anything else. Eat Real Food. Eat WHEN.
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          Ah I should have said I wasn't home yesterday I was at my mums, I only felt hungry after I drank the coke I hadn't even been hungry to that point.
          Actually re-reading my post I think I typed it asleep. I'd had 2 cups of tea and wasn't hungry, got to my mums who offered me a diet coke (she hasn't been shopping as she broke her leg - worlds unluckiest two!) so I drank the coke, immediately felt starving and then had a headache.

          Just so you know all the diet coke from my house has gone now