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How does my eating look?

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  • How does my eating look?

    I've been eating primal foods for quite a while now, at least 6 months. I haven't lost any weight, but I also haven't gained. I believe my failure to lose is because I was very sedentary at a desk job and up until recently I had not added any physical activity to my days. I would love a stamp of approval on my new plan which I have been following since the year began. So far it has left me feeling great, but the ultimate goal is to lose about 50lbs, or at least get down from a size 14 to a 6.

    Stats: 27 years old, female, 5'10" 224lbs. I've been hypoglycemic my whole life, and also am in recovery from an eating disorder. I lost a TON of weight a few years ago through extreme restricted eating and running 6 miles a day. I looked great, but felt terrible. After I stopped running, the weight seemed to come back literally overnight.

    Exercise: daily: 45 mins walk with dog, at 4mph pace
    3-4 days a week: Kettlebell training at least 15 mins
    1 day a week: sprints on a stationary bike

    Macro Breakdown: These stats are pretty exact, I use a food scale and calorie counting app most of the time, not exactly primal, but it soothes the part of my eating disorder that craves for control of food.

    1500 Calories (is this too low? Too high?)
    100 grams of fat. (From grass fed butter, nitrate free bacon grease, avocado, etc.)
    80 grams of protein
    70 grams carbs (I eat 1 potato a day, usually half with breakfast and half with dinner. I know it's not necessarily 'primal' of me, but I find I function much better mentally if I eat this.)
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    My first thought was that the calorie counts are too low for your current weight. I know it seems a little contrary but you might need to eat more. I think everything looks fine, except you should probably up the kettlebell session to a few more times a week.
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      i read somewhere you should eat as much protein as you need at your ideal weight. at 5'10, maybe 80 grams isnt enough, especially since you are exercising.