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questions about timing my IF

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  • questions about timing my IF

    Hello all.

    My question: Will having a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream in my coffee spoil an IF plan where I skip breakfast and lunch? And will a 20-off 4-on eating schedule drive autophagy? (While I need to drop 20-25 pounds, my main interest is in autophagy).

    I started doing primal in early 2012, did great until mid-summer, fell off the wagon, and lost a lot of my progress. (My weight on Jan 1 2013 was the same as on Jan 1 2012, but with a lot more muscle, so it wasn't a total disaster, I guess).

    So I decided to pick up again at the beginning of the year, and after a few days of research decided to work some IF into my lifestyle. What seems to work best for me is a 20/4 off-on eating schedule, essentially skipping breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, and then eating a big primal dinner after a workout. Sat-Sun I eat a primal breakfast/brunch with the family in addition to the primal dinner, with a slightly longer/tougher workout.

    Doing ADF made me somewhat miserable, but I am enjoying the 20/4 IF plan. I really don't get hungry until dinner, eating the bulk of my calories in my main meal (which consists of just meat, veggies, and a little cheese) is far more fulfilling than distributing them across three meals, I feel great throughout the day, and it saves me a lot of time.

    Any guidance/recommendations would be appreciated.

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    I think it reads like a very reasonable plan.

    We do 16/8 on average which means two meals per day (or two plus snack, or three for my husband). It's working out nicely.


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      That's actually almost exactly what I do and have been doing for years. I eat one meal a day with coffee in between. I don't take heavy cream with mine, just some half and half, but I can't imagine a bit of heavy cream in your coffee would be sufficient to break a fast. Can't comment on the autophagy, as I've no idea what you're talking about.
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        That's also my plan and I do use ~1oz heavy cream in my coffee every morning...nothing else until dinner most days, and drinking it doesn't seem to make me hungry or throw off my IF. Haven't really thought about how it affects autophagy, but I like the idea of exercising fasted, and it has definitely worked for dropping weight. I say go for it.
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          Let's assume that we have found the 'sweet spot' for timing IF (e.g. we can sustain hunger and even extend a little bit the fasting). If we consume around 300 kcal less than we need for maintenance and these calories constitute only one meal, then is it possible to expect weight loss? My maintenance calories are around 1800 and I consume around 1400 in one meal sometimes after 24 hours fasting and sometimes after 16. Can I expect weight loss? Theoretically, since these 16 or 24bhours I fast, my body uses fat to fuel its functions and hence, it entails fat loss. Is it consistent with reality?
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            With regards to small amounts heavy cream during the fasting period, I read somewhere (here, Lean Gains, Starting Strength? I can't recall) that just fat calories or a very small number of other calories during the fasting period won't really impact the metabolic effects of the fast. I'm also mostly interested in fasting for things like autophagy and hgh up regulation. I have 2-3T heavy cream between 6 and 7am, a modest lunch at 12-1, maybe a 100 calorie snack around 3-4 and the bulk of my food at 7pm. I hope it's enough.
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