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How to Increase fat but not protein

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  • How to Increase fat but not protein

    Hola Amigos,
    I'm looking for ways to increase my fat consumption, but not protein. I am a bit confused- how to have higher fat, but not high protein. I'm aiming for moderate protein, high fat low carb.

    I'm allergic to dairy so butter is out but I am going to try ghee, and I know coconut oil is good.

    Look for ideas.

    Gracias Amigo!

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    Honestly, coconut milk is the elixir of the gods as far as I'm concerned. I am a few days away from just chugging cans of the stuff.
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      I point you towards Mark's recent bone marrow post.

      Then of course there's beautiful beautiful lard. Some olive oil is certainly permissible too as long as it fits your omega ratio. Ditto for avocado.
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        Use plenty of butter, tallow, lard, etc. when cooking your meat and vegetables.
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            Oh, Oh!!!
            I have one. Pork Belly!!!


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              I have started eating a tbsp of coconut oil after every meal (in its solid form) and it is pure heaven on a spoon!


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                I made bacon mayo I got from a recipe here on the forum. I use it to top just about everything. (Like most mayos it melts into a lovely sauce)


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                  Sometimes I eat a couple of tablespoons of Artisana (brand) raw coconut butter for breakfast. 2 Tbls equals
                  186 calories
                  18gm fat
                  7 gms carbs (5 gms fiber + 2gms of sugar)
                  2 gms protein

                  This stuff is way more palatable than pure coconut oil, IMO. I also love their cacao bliss product for dessert occasionally. Here's a link:


                  P.S. No refrigeration required and it lasts a loonnnnggg time. I've had my bottles ~ 10 months now, although I haven't dug in as often as I do now that I've started PB....
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                    Wow- pork belly, coconut butter, coconut oil...........awesome- thank you guys!


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                      Also - if I don't have enough fat in my ratios - I'll make deviled eggs with homemade bacon mayo. That'll do you.


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                        Originally posted by jennf View Post
                        I have started eating a tbsp of coconut oil after every meal (in its solid form) and it is pure heaven on a spoon!
                        Ew...very impressive. I tried this once and it was like eating coconut Vaseline!