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I feel worse than before going Primal. Any suggestions??

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    And stimulates the bodies own ability to heal itself.


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      I have had GERD in the past and I have found that two things trigger GERD for me. The first is the combination of coffee with chocolate. The second is eating greasy food. Greasy food didn't bother me when I was younger but it does now. It has always bothered my wife which might explain why she has never had a weight problem.

      The one thing that helps GERD for me is probiotic supplement (I only take it if I have GERD). If you are a coffee drinker layoff it for a week and take probiotics. That will reset your gut flora.

      If you have the option to send email to your doctor like I do, I would send email to let him know you don't want to take the prescription and ask for dietary advice. Most doctors assume patients just want a pill solution so that's what they give them.

      I just remembered on more thing that gives me GERD, eating cereal near bed time.


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        I think Chris Kresser is doing a series titled something like: 'when paleo doesn't fix everything' -- and it talks about some gut issues, could be a good to check out.