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1902 General Mess Manual for the US Navy

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    Originally posted by otzi View Post
    Yes, they really need to push getting Omega 3 from real food! I eat fish every day, oysters 3+ days a week...guess where I got that tip from...
    Jack ......Lalanne? But mussels are sooooo much less expensive than oysters.


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      It's amazing how much has changed as far as nutrition goes in a 100 years....


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        Okay I saw this interesting line in BG9 last night, otzi. Any chance this indicates the connection between DHA & suicide is correlation, not causal?

        The ethanol and acetaldehyde [released by entrenched candida] will also help hasten the brain by allowing more inflammation into through the blood brain barrier and into the brain. When this occurs we see depression, the loss of DHA (fish oil fat), phospholipids, ceremides and sphingolipids in the brain and function slowly diminishes overtime.
        Of course, two more decently likely possibilities are that typos confuse the real meaning of this, or that I misunderstand its implications entirely.
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