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    Originally posted by jfreaksho View Post
    Honestly, I'd start with the basics:
    1. Eat real food.
    2. 2-3 meals per day. Don't try to fast, just eat when you feel like it or are hungry.
    3. Start walking.

    Give that a month or so and see how you feel. Readjust as needed. For some people it can take several weeks for their bodies to heal, so if you aren't dropping weight immediately, don't freak out.
    Excellent advice, IMO. Eliminating crap foods and cutting back really hard on grains will make you feel better pretty fast. If you are a snacker, jumping into fasting can be hard. Focusing on sticking to 3 meals a day with nothing but no cal drinks in between is
    a great start.

    I started exercise with just 10 min walking per day. Establishing the habit should be priority number one. Building up after a habit is in place will be much more successful.

    Getting the hang of primal eating can take a while. Don't fret over your mis-steps. Every bite is a new choice. Focus on making better choices every time.
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    CW-125, part calorie counting, part transition to primal
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      I'm gonna repeat for the upteenth time, do NOT do more or different exercises from what Mark suggests. I once tried going from walking an hour a day to jogging for 35 minutes a day because I was hoping to accelerate my weight loss. Instead, it completely stalled. Once I stopped jogging and started walking again, it picked right back up. When losing weight I would definitely do what Mark says for exercise, but not any more. It may backfire. For me, if the exercise feels "primal" then I'm good. Would Grok have any real practical reason to jog for 30 minutes? Not really. But would he do a quick print to escape something and spend hours walking to gather food or track prey? Yes. Don't overdo it, follow the rules, and the weight will come right off And if you cheat it is OK, it happens. Get right back on the horse and you'll be fine, but don't beat yourself up over it. Totally not worth it.
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        I recommend that people follow basic PB for the first 3-6 months to see how it goes. Seriously, it's a very straight forward program.

        If, after 30 days or so, you see *zero* results, then we can trouble-shoot what might be going on.

        After 3-6 months of basic primal, then you can look at tinkering with fancy stuff like fasting or whatever.


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          Generally when starting something new, you want to jump wholeheartedly into it and do everything. Don't. Skip the fasting, instead focus on a good grocery list and food plan. And moving around a little or a lot won't hurt. Take it slow or you might fall off before long.
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            I think the first thing to do is get reading, listen to all the podcasts and start as fast as or slow as you like. Fade out everything you ever heard about diets or other eating plans. This is the one and you are in the right place.

            I personally started fasting before primal eating and was also quite active. I was doing kettlebell training 2-3 times a week.

            when I put all three together it was like the weight literally fell off.

            I think the best advice I can give is to take an interest into the health of your body. I think of it like a Savings account, the more you invest (time rather than money) the more you will gain. Probably the best investment you will ever make.
            2010 - 5,11 and 101KG

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              I'm completely overwhelmed! Thanks all for your amazing advise, I like it here

              I will keep you all updated,


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                I agree with all the advice of starting plain PB eating and exercise. But remember the other basic PB stuff as well like get enough sleep, try not to get stressed, play.
                And don't get discouraged if you feel lousy the first days, jut search for low carb flu, it will pass and you'll feel loads better after it (you don't have to get it, I didn't, just be prepared if you do).


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                  Originally posted by thedannymartin View Post
                  I'm completely overwhelmed! Thanks all for your amazing advise, I like it here

                  I will keep you all updated,
                  You would do even better if you had some support to help optimize body functions like methylations and liver detox. Laurie Ayers is a GREAT Chinese medicine practitioner in London and Suffolk. You should consider checking him out or calling to see if there is someone closer to you that he recommends.

                  Other than that, you probably know what to do. ;-) Go simple and don't over complicate things. Eat simple, whole primal foods, do simple exercise like walking and some body weighted things, and get plenty of sleep and keep your stress down.