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    I am 29yrs old and currently weigh 178lbs (6' 0"). I weighed 230 back towards the end of 2009 and lost 30lbs or so on a low cal diet and then found PB 4-6 weeks ago and have been pretty strict. I recently discovered that I lost a lot of muscle strength (obviously due to the low calorie diet I was on). I can only bench press around 120lbs and am looking to add muscle and strength. I perform bench presses and free weights 2-3x per week and use a stationary bike 1x per week (for sprints also). My current diet consists of 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% carbs. I am trying to get around 150-175g protein, 100g fat, and 30-60g carbs per day.

    With these numbers and sticking to a strick PB diet, will this get me to my goal of increasing muscle strength, or do I need to raise my protein and fat levels higher to achieve this? I am also starting to IF 1x per week (38hr) and spike the carb levels to 100-150g 1x per week (with low fat on these days).

    Is this the correct method to achieve my goal, or should I be tweaking something to increase muscle strength?

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    I'm sure you'll receive some reponses to guide you along your strength goals, but I do have one note about your carb spike. In the Primal Blueprint book, Mark notes that if you've been following a low-carb (sub 50g) for an extended period, he recommends a day of high-carb at 250-300g to increase your leptin levels and insulin sensitivity. I'm currently doing that once a week with a 24 fast the next day and am sub-50g the other 5 days of the week generally. My lifts have all gone up since I started PB and IF, but I do have my days that I'm just not up-to-snuff and give my body a break. I hope you see the strength gains you're after.


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      Thanks ToniWA.. I will aim for 250-300g carbs nex week when I have my next carb spike before IF. Anyone else have any advice regarding the muscle strength concerns and the nutrient info?


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        From what I know, you nutrients seem fine. The only thing I can think of is experimenting with increasing your calories a little bit, if you're having trouble building size & strength.

        Keep to a smart training program, though. Compound lifts, heavy weights, a variety of exercises (not just a ton of bench), plenty of rest (very important), good post workout nutrition... Don't ignore your lower body. Deadlifts & squats will give you size and strength in your upper body, too.

        But if you've got your nutrition dialed in, then just look to your routine for changes. Hit it hard & give it some time. Post to the fitness forum if you want some advice on your specific routines.