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Cauliflower Mash!!!!! Bloated, No sleep. What's going on?

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  • Cauliflower Mash!!!!! Bloated, No sleep. What's going on?


    Just a quicky. I made some Cauliflower mash the other day with some onion and garlic! Well, it was the worst decision in a long time.

    Bloating all night and the next day
    Sleep ruined. Tossing and turning during the night.
    Next day was so tired and lethargic. Kept tripping over my feet. Lol!!
    Over heating!

    What could it be ?

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    My first thought is a histamine reaction because that is what happens to me when I eat certain foods.

    In another post someone mentioned a histamine reaction and I started to do some research and now I follow (try to follow) a low histamine primal diet and I have to say it is hard as so many things are restricted but my hives are gone, my lips don't swell (they used to occasionally), I sleep much better, no more heartburn, no flushing etc etc. Might be worth checking out.


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      I don't know about the hives, but was everything cooked? All the vegetables you mentioned can be hard on the digestive system for some people if not cooked. And, well, they were all combined and eaten at once. There are certain veggies I can't eat if not cooked at least a little bit.


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        Hives seems to indicate a potential food allergy.
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          Cauliflower is a cruciferous veg, like broccoli. It can cause bloating in large amounts. Did you eat more cauliflower than you normally would have? It might just be a case of *too much*.
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            My mom always make Cauliflower with potato's. I don't know all the recipe but i can't explain the taste. Well its the favorite dish of all of us in our family. But I never eat mashed Cauliflower. Can you please explain all the recipe. Thanks


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              Thanks for all the replays.
              It looks like it could be eating too much as it was mashed and yummy !!
              The thing is having had a reasonably normal day yesterday, its come back to bite me on the a#$&!!
              Still feeling cloudy !
              I've been Primal for 2 years and only seem to get this reaction if i have a Cheesecake blowout!
              This is also the first time I've consumed a large quantity of Cauliflower in recent memory.

              I'll definitely be staying away from it .

              Lesson Learned.


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                I get bloated if I eat too much caulie too.....purely a quantity thing with me.