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    I have read through this thread and see that knowledge of LDL-P is well researched. Just a note to anyone who may feel that LDL-P levels are not crucial to heart disease or possible heart attack, here is my story. My husband went through his normal physical testing which included testing of LDL an HDL along with LDL-P. His overall cholesterol was 199 however his LDL-P, small particles was 2097. This was left untreated by his cardiologist and 5 months later he died after a massive heart attack. We did not find out this numbers until we pulled medical records. Sadly we were not educated about these numbers. All I can say is pay attention and be your own health advocate. I always remind myself it is still the "practice of medicine".


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      Thank you for sharing your sad experience, caj0226. I've read of many cases like your husband's where the standard lipid panel was benign and the doctor considered the patient to be low risk, but never ordered or acted on a high LDL-P score in a patient that later had a heart attack. I hugely agree with you that we must each be our own health advocate.

      There is so much contrary data on CAD risk. My LDL-P is high (the Metformin did not lower) and I've done all that Magicmerl mentioned here (been eating low carb/high fat & taking Armour thyroid for over 3 years now) and that too has made no difference to LDL-P. I'm reluctant to go the statin route b/c I'm not sure it is effective or wise. So I've upped my fish oil, CoQ10 & magnesium and also added acetyl-L-carnitine & niacin as per dosages recommended by Drs. Stephen Sinatra & Jonny Bowden. Will get a repeat test in October.

      So sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing it as it may help others. If LDL-P is the smoking gun, many are not aware of testing for it, including many docs.
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        Hi Janie,

        Did you ever have any success in lowering your LDL-P?


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          I'm not Janie, but I'm trying to deal with high LDL-P, Lp(a), and CRP right now after following high SF low carb Paleo for about 6 months now. My last test also included ApoE genetic typing and I found out I'm ApoE 3/4. It looks like ApoE4 carriers may hyper respond to saturated fat consumption.