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Losing too much weight on Primal

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  • Losing too much weight on Primal

    Hello All: my wife is losing too much on primal. She started off at 140 and is down to 118 and at 5'4 that's coming close to be too skinny. She eat animal protein 3 a day, snacks offen and gets plenty of fat. She is considering to eat more grains again to put on the weight that she lost.

    Any ideas or suggestion? Thanks all!

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    Try more primal-friendly carbs. Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, even some white rice. Fruit is good too, even dried fruit is OK when you're trying to gain weight.


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      I also had this problem. I was skinny-fat pre-primal and then lost about 15 pounds. I've gained 10 back in the past few months since I started lifting heavy weights. So I'd recommend weight lifting or, as already mentioned, adding potatoes to the diet.

      Edit: How many calories is she eating per day?
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        Thanks everybody for the help. We don't know what the dailly cal intake is but will hook up to fitday to find out.


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          I agree around lifting heavy things (putting on muscle), making sure she is getting enough calories, and also going for primal starches (making sure she's getting 100g of carbohydrate or more).


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            fitday frustrates me. Try or
            The latter gives you a nice little pie chart on your basic macros (carbs, fat, protein)
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              Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
              fitday frustrates me. Try or
              The latter gives you a nice little pie chart on your basic macros (carbs, fat, protein)
              I'm a fan of Cronometer which also gives you a good pie chart with a breakdown of your macro percentages. They also have an app that you can use when you can't access their website.
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                I prefer CRON-O-Meter as well - I especially like that I can customize the daily requirements (values for the essential amino acids, for instance). Someone like Dirk (yes, that Dirk ) needs a whole lot more than I do, even on a size basis -- I'm not nearly the athlete he is. Never will be, either. Here's the free download (apps for smartphones are a nominal fee):

                CRONOMETER | Free software downloads at


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                  118 at 5'4" is not too skinny depending on her build. She could go as low as 105, and still be considered very healthy.


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                    I'm 5' 7.5". I started at 138 lbs and lost down to 124 lbs. Now I've gained 1 lb back, all over a period of 7 weeks. I don't think 118 is to thin for her height.
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                      Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
                      118 at 5'4" is not too skinny depending on her build. She could go as low as 105, and still be considered very healthy.
                      A friend of mine was 105 at that height and it started to look a bit too small with muscles flattened out. I thought 110-115 was a lot better on a curvy frame. So 118? That's just about perfect.

                      And my bet is that with one eating plenty it won't be too hard to maintain weight. The thing is that weight loss comes so easily if you're starting out a lot fatter. Because the extra fat on the body keeps the metabolism high, one can typically stay on a low carb diet and the fat will continue to come off.

                      But when you're leaner on the other hand, it doesn't work that way. You're metabolism is lowered from the lowered body weight and will even further decrease to maintain weight even when you reduce calories. If you reduce calories, the fat will still come off, but it takes longer than when you were fatter because of the reduced metabolism.

                      That's why it shouldn't be difficult to avoid losing weight on someone who is already lean, providing they are eating well and not starving themselves. If she was fatter before she can gain it back again. Reintroduce ways to put the calories back in, and the weight will surely come back.

                      Since keeping the fat off is the hard part for a lot of people, I'd say if you've reached a good weight, that's the point in time when you can afford a little bit more leeway to eat what you want. At that point you just have to pay attention to make sure you aren't making any mistakes and gaining again.


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                        Are you sure you're getting enough fat for calories? Are you tracking intake?

                        Secondly to that you should be getting in SOME carbs anyway to feed the brain and stay balanced if anything. Not sure if you are or not.
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                          I echo the other posters who say your woman probably ain't too skinny. I'm 5'4.5 and currently 115.6lbs. Trust me, I have some "hell-o" in my jell-o.

                          And anyway...why are you so concerned with what your wife weighs? Are you sure this really isn't about all the attention your wife's getting now that she's lost weight? As long as she's healthy and hormonally balanced, it's none of your business.
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                            My mom is 5'4". She gets too skinny in the 120's. I am 5"5, 20% fat will have me at about 153-155. People are build different! She could easily be too skinny at that weight. Or not!


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                              Is your wife worried about her weight or just you?

                              Honestly, I wouldn't do anything yet... I'd try a wait and see approach. I believe following a healthy primal diet, and eating until satisfied (but not overfull) should eventually lead you to YOUR ideal weight. I don't know what your wife's is, but possibly it's lower than she is now!

                              You may also find that very soon her weight will reach an equilibrium which will be just fine for her.

                              I will also ask if she's a naturally thin person who has struggled to gain weight her entire life? Some people really are just built that way, and it's okay!