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Losing too much weight on Primal

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    Yes people are built different so a satisfactory weight will depend on a lot of things, including the look that you like. If you both feel she's getting too thin then you are probably right. I am 5'4" also and at approx 125 I don't want to get any skinnier. I would probably still be healthy but the look would be a bit scrawny.

    I am still eating primal because I love the food and I really love the health benefits that have come with dropping wheat. Exercise makes me hungrier but also burns more calories so that seems to balance itself out. If I'm hungry at the end of the day I try adding a milk chocolate drink.

    I will add avocado, butter, cream, or cheese to practically anything and snack on nuts or fruit.

    While not wanting to experience the sugar cravings and mood swings again, I have allowed myself to become much freer with my carb intake - sweet potatoes, bananas, even rice and white potatoes (though not strictly primal they don't seem to disagree with me).

    Despite all this I suspect my weight is still slowly dropping. Not sure what else to suggest, other than that I'm discovering it's necessary to eat differently to maintain than to lose. Maybe sometimes we just need some empty calories.
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      118 at 5'4 sounds just fine to me. I'm the same height and I was still trying to lose weight at 118. Is she the one trying not to lose more weight or are you the one primarily concerned about her weight?
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