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Live in Afghanistan, currently in Malaysia. What to bulk up on?

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  • Live in Afghanistan, currently in Malaysia. What to bulk up on?

    I'll keep this short! I'm in Malaysia, land of palm oil, coconut oil, etc.... I live and work in Kabul, Afghanistan. Good fats are hard to come by. Other than coconut and red palm oil. What else should I bulk up on to take back?

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    Do you have access to goat products in Kabul? That's a source to keep in mind when you get home.
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      If you like to bake, you should bring back a bag of coconut flour and almond flour. Finest used to have those small bags of almond flour but I haven't seen them in months Also the coconut flours I've seen always have a bunch of other ingredients so I avoid them. Also real vanilla. Gah I hate those disgusting pakistani vanillas. I've used them a few times out of desperation and have regretted it each time. I would also consider bringing a small bag of palm sugar.

      Other than that I would bring nice spices such as thyme because the spices here tend to be low quality. Oh and maybe some unsweetened coconut meat/concentrate. You can do so much with it!

      I take it you are not at a camp but at a villa in which you have access to your own kitchen?


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        Jesse, if you have someone back in the states who can send you mail, I would suggest asking them to send you cans of coconut milk. My wife sends some to me every week out here and I use it to make protein shakes and in my coffee.

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