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The Power of the IF

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  • The Power of the IF

    So I really had a bad weekend.. I ate way too much in general, but I also ate some trash I knew I should not have. So yesterday I decided to try an IF today to try and "make up" for it..

    So this morning I got up, got a good 40 min workout in.. and felt great.. skipped breakfast, and came to work. Held out until lunch - a full 17 hour IF. Ate my lunch (tuna and salad) which tasted AMAZING I might add. Now as bad as I felt earlier in the week, I feel FANTASTIC!!! I'm planning on going for another 24 hour fast this weekend (will be my third IF since starting Primal Living about 3 weeks ago).

    I'm really starting to feel the benefits of IF, is this how everyone feels???

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    Light, clear-headed, and triumphant? Yep.
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      I "enjoy" the fasting part of my life now. I truly enjoy food more and I can't believe how much I cook nowadays. So totally foreign from who I was a year ago. Dang, I love being in my late is fantastic.
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        As BarbeyGirl (again, love that pic!) stated, I as well feel really light, and clear-headed. I almost always experience a 'high' of sorts and very honed senses (kind of like the main character in Wanted! lol). A great feeling! And yes, food tastes even better after a fast
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          Hooray for the healing power of IF! That's just how I feel, Bulltar. I'm 16 hours into a fast myself and about to run through my neighborhood like a madman. My energy levels are never higher than after a good gastrointestinal shutdown. It's also the best way to clean up after a bad weekend.

          And if you like IF now, just wait and see what it does to your body composition!


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            These are all VERY encouraging words. I am a little over 22 hours into my first 24 hour fast (It might turn out to be a 27 hour one, I have class!). My head hurts a little but I feel great! My tummy hasn't growled once and I have gotten a lot of work done. This has, so far, been much easier than expected. Any advice for the headache? Suck it up? Take an advil? I am very hydrated.

            Timothy- Although I am mostly If-ing (IF-ing sounds like I am trying not to cuss!) to reprogram my appetite vs hunger mindset and help my insulin response/GI systems... i LOVE what you said about how it helps body composition. I have been trying to lose the fat, this should help!


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              Originally posted by Timothy View Post
              And if you like IF now, just wait and see what it does to your body composition!
              Amen to that! Amazing energy levels AND quickly being able to see the muscles under there? SIGN ME UP!!!!


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                +1 for this. I used to use IF for the same reason - to 'clean up the mess' from a heavy weekend or whatever - but once you start using it as a tool to further your gains, rather than as damage control, then you really start to appreciate just how powerful it is.


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                  I was shocked that I made it through a 19 hour IF with the amount of energy I did. Prior to PB and eating the Body-for-Life way, I would have been ravenous after about 5 hours without food to feed my complex carb addiction. I was worried about losing muscle, because CW tells us we will if we do not eat, especially after a workout, but I see nor experienced any negative effects at all. I had to re-read that portion of the book 4 times before I could convince myself that it was the right thing to do, but it was worth it. I am incorporating it on my Tuesday/Friday HIIT workout days. Meaning, I stop eating after dinner on Monday and then eat a big ass salad about 1:30 on Tuesday. Same applies for Thursday night and Friday lunch.
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                    Totally agree with all of these comments. I'm really enjoying my primal journey so far. Going to do another 24 hour IF this weekend from Friday night until Saturday!!!


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                      Good luck coach!

                      I'm doing one right now, drinking some caramel orange rooibos, and loving it!

                      Quick tip: Do not look at websites that have pictures of food and/or recipes.
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                        So I was thinking of going till noon to make this a 36 hour fast, but I'm pretty hungry now. LOL.

                        I used to do extended fasts when I was a raw vegan, then tried to do the whole "eat ever 2-3 hours" route.

                        I felt fine, but hungry yesterday. And I'm pretty hungry today right now too LOL. I did feel "lighter" and had some decent energy all day, walked 40 blocks, and did some light workin' out.

                        Think I'll do a light work out today before I eat something too.

                        I really like the fact that PB has liberated me from the idea that I MUST CONSTANTLY BE EATING, and eating such limited portions that I'm always hungry at that. That's a great thing in and of itself right there.

                        I guess I naturally do "15-16 hour fasts" when I just skip meals on many days. It just feels better. Thanks Mark, and Grok!


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                          I'm doing my first IF this am until about two-ish or so (three-week-old newbie, here!) and am about to take an easy stroll around the neighborhood. I woke up feeling just great!

                          I have a question for you experienced IF'ers: Would you count a splash of cream in my coffee as being "okay" on a fast-morning or would you nix it? I just had that a little while ago (I don't drink that every day though) but I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should just stick with green tea on fast mornings. Thoughts? (Thanks in advance!)

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                            Originally posted by Lovestoclimb View Post
                            I almost always experience a 'high' of sorts and very honed senses (kind of like the main character in Wanted! lol).
                            WHOAH! I gotta IF more! I want to bend air w/ bullets too! LOL! (I love Wanted--totally awesome movie!)

                            I too love the feeling of IFing, and finding it is just happening naturally more and more for me while eating primally...
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                              Petrogerl, when I first started doing IFs I would take some fish oil and supplements in the morning. Then I tried Primalchild's advice to let nothing but water pass my lips during a fast (no gum or even tea) and that seems to help a lot. Much of the benefit of IF comes from giving your digestive system a break; if you're taking in fats or other liquids, you're still secreting bile enzymes, pH buffers etc. so it's not really a complete shutdown. Also, I find my hunger is much easier to control if I don't tease it with foods and just keep giving it water instead.

                              Once in a while, though, I like to drink some green tea late in a fast, because it's quite an entertaining buzz!