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    Originally posted by SarahW View Post seems to have solid British-centric advice.

    But in general, maybe find some cheap sources of fat? Just from the above list you look pretty protein-heavy.

    I have found a price book also helps, you can easily compare oranges to oranges, and even apples to oranges, so to speak, if you have the price/lb or oz. all figured out. For example, I was buying some salami packages for my kid, but now that he's not such a fan of it, I'm buying more meat that isn't @ $11/lb (even grass-fed hotdogs are half that price!).
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      May I suggest doing an online search for farms that sell direct.

      When we lived in the UK, my husband and I bought a large chest freezer that lived in the garage. We bought lamb direct from Wales, beef from Scotland etc, you can even buy fish in season in bulk. They deliver in 24 hrs within insulated boxes. You then portion it and freeze.

      Also aim for cheaper cuts that can be used in soups and stews.
      Beef: Stewing steak, brisket, shin, oxtail and mince. Liver and kidneys.
      Lamb: Scrag end of neck, chump chops, kidneys.
      Fish: Sardines, Mackerel, Herring, Coley, Rockfish, Clams, Whelks etc


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        Yep, local, cheap cuts, canned fish, foods that organic doesn't matter on like bananas and avocados. Start at grocery outlet and other grocery discount places and find Primal diamonds in the rough. I spend 50 dollars a week on myself, and it means shopping upwards of 5 different stores. Grocery Outlet, Trader Joe's, Whole foods (we only buy meat, eggs and nuts there) I'm sure they are making almost no money off of me because I only buy the sale, cheap, seasonal, etc. foods. Except eggs. I spend 2x what most do on my duck eggs and pastured chicken eggs. But, yeah. Shop around. Check out the Asian markets, the Ukraine market, places you would normally avoid and assume would have nothing you'd like. Doesn't hurt to walk in and look around.
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