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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • Breakfast looks great, but I get the overkill part. I just walked 90 minutes, now have brunch of 3 oz GF beef with a scrambled egg yolk thrown over it. Didn't need the egg part. Going to see Blue Jasmine. Need to be satisfied and not hungry so the popcorn doesn't turn my head. I wonder if I could ask for just a shot of butter. Just kidding! Sort of.

    I think oil shots and low carb is going to help me these next two weeks. Passed a roadside stand of cherries from up north. Did.Not.Stop! Yay

    Have a fun Sunday!


    • Happy Monday! I'm tired but will do fine today. Work, then walk home, then Pilates reformer class.

      I'm in the groove of a morning and a bedtime oil shot. Definitely have AS. Not sure if it's from the oil or the ketosis. Either or both is fine with me. Now my magic trick will be to not eat when I'm not hungry. I tend to want to do that. I'm taking a small green salad and 1/2 cup of GF ground beef to throw on the salad for lunch. That should be plenty. Not sure what or breakfast. Had a date last nite. Sleepy from not enough sleep.

      So even with a very extravagant Friday night dinner filled with flour, a glass of wine and dark chocolate pot de Creme, I'm down two pounds for the weekend. I've successfully shed all 3.5 pounds that I found and came home with from San Diego. Yay!

      How are you all doing? What doing today?

      Julia, when does school start for your kids? Janie, have your guests left?


      • Yes, Calee, life is back to normal today. Sadly took daughter to the airport last night. It was lovely having her here and also her friends who visited. Her visit coincided with our son and DIL's return from a European vacation, so I had a houseful to feed at times, but we also ate out a good bit. And all the wrong things! Surprisingly I did not put on the several pounds I usually do from too many carbs plus wine! I'm taking it as a sign that my setpoint has adjusted downward as in the past I'd easily put on 3+ pounds.

        Had coffee this morning and will eventually move on to protein/fat breakfast and then my first oil shot. Gym this afternoon.

        I found it interesting that my daughter said sev'l times that I looked as though I'd lost weight since her last visit. Since I weigh the same, I'm crediting the gym. She also said my size 8 jeans were baggy and I best go shopping for some 6s. In my youth I was never smaller than a 10.
        Starting Weight: 197.5
        Current Weight: 123
        Far healthier!


        • Janie! You've made wonderful set point progress. Congrats on not putting on weight and needing tiny jeans!

          I'm always so sad when I drive my son to the airport so I get where you're coming from. I'm looking forward to jointing him in Europe in two weeks

          Don't eat stoopid stuff because your nest is empty today!

          I was never under a 16/18 in school. Grew into a 22/24. Happy in my body today wearing 8 and some vanity sized 6's. I feel like I wake up in someone else's body, love it!
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          • How wonderful that you'll be spending time with your son in Europe! Sounds delish. How long will you be there?

            I can SO relate to your size history. I was a 14-16 in h.s. but starved myself into a size 10 in college. Losing weight was always hard for me. Never did I expect to get to these sizes. You are right -- it feels exactly like waking up in someone else's body!

            Had a 2 oz piece of beef sirloin & 1 egg in butter for breakfast. One shot down. Will make a protein shake either b/f or after the gym. Lots of healthy leftovers here so I can avoid cooking today -- grilled chicken, cucumber salad, beets, Asian eggplant salad, lots of peppers & tomatoes to slice or chop. I'm feeling awash in veggies - the garden yielded green beans, 2 kinds of squash and tomatoes this morning.
            Starting Weight: 197.5
            Current Weight: 123
            Far healthier!


            • Only two weeks but it will be wonderful. We travel to a different country every year so it's a lot of fun exploring together.

              It's great that you have so many leftovers to eat this week. I'm envious of your garden! It's been a long time since I had one. That said, we have fantastic Farmer's markets here in California so everything is garden fresh.

              I never ever expected to be this size.

              Hey, we lost OG and Jooolia.

              I've had a great food and exercise day. My AS is in gear with less than 1T 2x a day. I'm a happy camper. Just need to not get derailed by a bowl of cherries. Thankfully there's not a fruit in sight at my house.


              • Forgot my night oil shot. Maybe I will do two during the day today. I will be alone in the office. I'm embarrassed to do them when others are around. My office partner eats gluten free but low fat. I'm very pleased with my progress thus far combining oil with low carb. Easier getting into and staying in ketosis with the oil shot. I love seeing the scale go down. Please don't tell Renee and Tom. The numbers motivate me. Two weeks till vaca. It's a game to see if I can stay strong for two weeks so playing the numbers game. I'm so silly.

                OG what are you up to?

                Julia, how was mama's birthday celebration?

                Who am I missing? HopelessDreamer, Heatseeker....


                • Good morning! Your trip sounds wonderful, Calee. What is your destination this time? It has been years since we traveled outside the U.S. Used to do it a lot when we were young. I'd imagine I'd get sticker shock today.

                  Imagine your office partner's horror over the oil! My DH (never had a weight issue) thinks I'm totally nuts. Don't care. I'm doing a shot mid-morning and another mid-afternoon, and hope to still inch my way down to 119. I'm reading "The New Abs Diet for Women", not b/c I have any intention of following his food plan (yucky oatmeal, lean meats, low fat dairy -- you know the drill), but I wanted to get more variety in my abs exercises and he has tons of them illustrated in the book.

                  I hope those missing show up soon to let us know how they are doing!
                  Starting Weight: 197.5
                  Current Weight: 123
                  Far healthier!


                  • Hello all. I'm here. I had trouble with tapatalk yesterday. Everytime I tried to post, tapatalk would shut down. I re-installed it and seems good to go today.

                    I had the best dinner last night. I made The Best Chicken from Well Fed. Oh my. Chicken breast does nothing for me, but this recipe transforms it. I had grilled romaine lettuce and the zuccini butter that is floating around the forum with it.

                    The only person I have told about the oil is my daughter. She actually passed it on to a client (Jess is a trainer) who is getting married next month and struggling to lose a couple of pounds. Poor thing had a day of bathroom yesterday out of the blue.

                    I pick up my car today. Yay. I live in a walking neighborhood, but it's still weird to be carless.

                    Picture of dinner.

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                    • By the way..isn't it hard to read posts about plateaus and NOT bring up SLD? I wouldn't do it for fear of being attacked by those who think they are the smartest person in the room. So glad they don't wander in here and argue.

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                      • Janie, Berlin, Poland, Prague.

                        I get a good and workout on the reformer 4x a week. I'm getting a decent core.

                        OG, glad you still love us! Darn Tapatalk!

                        Yes, difficult to shut up about oil. I only told 1 girlfriend. Your dinner looks great! What city are you in? I'm in a walking neighborhood as well.

                        Not a good morning. I think I am learning that consistency is important. I missed my shot last night. This morning was a touch more oil but not even a teaspoon more. I am struggling to get out of the work bathroom. Glad it waited until I had finished walking here. I feel cleansed! No hunger at all.


                        • Yes, I'm glad they leave us alone in here!!


                          • Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
                            By the way..isn't it hard to read posts about plateaus and NOT bring up SLD? I wouldn't do it for fear of being attacked by those who think they are the smartest person in the room. So glad they don't wander in here and argue.
                            Well said!

                            And glad you are back!
                            Starting Weight: 197.5
                            Current Weight: 123
                            Far healthier!


                            • Wasn't I just not around yesterday? You guys are funny.

                              Calee, I live in a town called Lake Oswego. It's about ten minutes south of Portland, Oregon. I live right in the middle of the business community. Love my neighborhood. Walking and bicycle paths everywhere. Your trip sounds fabulous. It's amazing how skipping an oil dose causes a "cleanse".

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                              • Howdy party people,

                                Julia Goolia is in the house.

                                First, yes, TOTALLY HARD not to tell others about swilling oil. VERY HARD.

                                I have learned to keep my trap shut though with regard to diet AND exercise.

                                No one wants to hear it, even if they've asked!

                                My husband thinks I'm a total fruitcake about the oil.

                                He doesn't know why I'm doing it or even asks, and I don't tell him either. Waste of time.

                                Kids are very curious, but instead of going the route my mother always did (being on
                                a diet 24/7 when she NEVER NEEDED IT) and saying what "diet" I'm on, I just tell them
                                I'm drinking oil because it's good for old ladies' brains. Keeps me from forgetting stuff.


                                Not so much, but I really don't want my kids growing up in a diet centered, calorie focused
                                home like *I* did my whole life. Annoying, and life long. NO.

                                My weekend with my mom was good.

                                We went out to lunch (whereupon I was full on like to micro bites of chicken and salad), ran
                                errands, went out to coffee and then to see Two Guns with Marky Mark and Steamy Denzel Washington,
                                which I THOUGHT would super dee DUPER suck ASS, but it was really good!

                                Not really good like you'd want to write home about it, but for as much as I thought it was going to
                                suck, it turned out to be very entertaining.

                                Anyway, I'm still doing the oil, 3tbs a day mainly, unless I forget and it's working just fine.

                                Yesterday I used olive oil and even just hoarked it right out of the bottle.

                                I put it on my scale, tared it out to zero, snorfled some, put it back on, and it was 15g
                                exactly. HA!

                                Now how embarrassing would THAT be if someone pulled THAT nonsense at work. HAhahahahahha!

                                Off to have my second shot of the day soon.

                                My routine lately has been: coffee, oil shot, green juice, oil, real food, oil, dinner.

                                My green juice was really nasty today. Too.Much.Kale. very bitter, but I drank it anyway.

                                I feel myself bloating up. Ladytime is waiting in the wings.

                                Sposed to hit in four days, but since I'm going to the water park tomorrow with the kids and
                                my husband, you'll be sure as shit to hear that it hit tomorrow instead. I FEEL IT IN MY BONES!!!

                                Whatever. RED DEATH WILL NOT STOP ME!!!!!