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  • Yeah Stacy!!!


    Yeah, I don't care for the texture of olive oil much either... it's really glorpy
    and viscous. But that helps out in the "gross factor", so when you DO get
    hungry, you can think of that last shot of olive oil and be like "urp, maybe not
    so hungry..... YAK".

    I've had three CO oil shots today.

    We're having something rather toothsome for dinner and I really don't want to overeat because
    it "tastes good", so I loaded up on oil, a couple boiled eggs and a handful of
    shishkabob meat for the day.

    Sitting at 808 cals at the moment, so I really hope I'm UNABLE to eat a fuckton
    tonight, regardless of it being one of my favorite dinners.....




    • was away for a week and did well, diet wise. did a lot of walking. took an oil shot in the morning a few times, and it seemed to help me not want to snack in between meals.
      tomorrow I am thinking to start a Whole30, or actually a whole 24, since a family trip will be coming up at the end of Aug. Not that I want to eat off-plan, but I cant honestly know what I will be served and what will be in the food. Its only a few days, so maybe I can bring some food and oil to help me make it through the trip.
      I dont need to lose weight, but I want to keep my hard-earned health and energy so I can do all the things I want to and have to do.


      • Stacy, you're doing great!

        OG, how are your feet feeling today?

        Julia, I'm not wild about the consistency of the olive oil either. Maybe when I can find ELOO I will like it better. Is the Costco coconut oil a strong smelling one? I think I react to coco oil. I put it on a rough patch of skin by my nose one night. I woke up wanting to yak from a vile smell in my bedroom, only to discover I was smelling my face. When I eat coconut flakes my tummy gets upset. So I've been feeling like all that's a signal to use something other than coco oil.


        • I found the ELOO to be easier to take -- no taste & no odor. The one I found is a store brand (Wegman's) but it was 100% olive without fillers like canola.

          I hope you survived the yummy dinner, Julia! I had a mixed up day w/o my oil shots and access to some unPrimal food, but I was surprisingly not hungry! I think it was a carry over from the previous evenings shot. Anyway, back on schedule today.
          Starting Weight: 197.5
          Current Weight: 123
          Far healthier!


          • Down another 1/2 lb this morning! The OO seems to be really doing the trick for AS. Or it cold be the addition of the 3rd shot at night??

            I don't like that it feels like oil in my mouth, but that's a small price to pay for effect it's giving. Not like it's gagging me or anything, just a bit unpleasant. For now, I'm sticking with OO, even though I stocked up on CO again.

            I didn't eat hardly anything again yesterday (couple eggs, chicken thigh, 1/2 potato & couple nuts) plus worked out. I figured I would be hungrier yesterday with working out 1.5 hrs and only having 900 calories/11 carbs (usually don't track calories/carbs but was curious where I was at on this). I had tons of energy again last night too. Reminds me of when I first dropped carbs (after carb-flu) and was hit with the energy of ketosis.


            • Got my blood results yesterday and wouldnLt you know, I'm low in T3 and free that may explain why I have gained 7lbs in 2 months eating VLC at my BMR! Was able to get the integrative med doc to give me a starter rx for Armour while I wait to get into see my primary...hopefully that will stop the weekly gain and help me take off this unwanted am going to table the SLD diet for a little while to see how the armour works...she started me on 30mg 1x/day...does that see right? Am praying this works because my hair is falling out like crazy and I'm seeing weekly jumps in the scale despite eating 1200-1400c/day, walking 3 miles a day, weight lifting, eating primal VLC...anyone else on armour ? How long before you saw results or is this dose too low...


              • Lee, yes, the CO I bought has a very strong smell/flavor - I just mouth breathe
                after until it's gone.

                DEFINITELY don't get it if you think CO is working against you. It's a ton to have
                to waste if you're allergic to it.

                BUT, you know what I saw there and had to talk myself out of? Pure unadulterated
                MACADAMIA NUT OIL! Tall slim bottle size, NINE DOLLARS. No, it wasn't 78 ounces,
                but that shit is HELLA expensive at Whole Foods.

                I really REALLY wanted to buy it, but shit on a shackle, I already have EVOO, MCT and
                4000000 gallons of CO, so I had to ball up my fidgity hands and white knuckle it right
                past that glorious oil.

                Anyway, olive oil is olive oil, no matter what the rating, it feels gross to me, but I still don't
                mind taking it. It works. They all work as far as I'm concerned. But that's just me.

                Janie! I survived the dinner, but then ate a WHACK of watermelon afterwards.

                There could be worse things, but I just could.not.stop - it was a really GOOD ONE. Not
                mealy or moloculeish one bit. Not too sweet and not too vapid. Perfect. Surprised I didn't
                turn into one over night though....

                Stacy, yeah, the feeling is weird. I think it comes from burning fat. Your body is so excited
                to not be using the contents of your stomach for energy, it's like a whole nuther high. Ha!

                Off to take my first shot of the day right now.

                Ovulation is in the wings and I know the next few days I'm going to be freaking ravenous, so
                I really have to make GOOD nutrient dense choices that offer up a pile of vitamins or minerals,
                otherwise i'll just keep foraging for them in weak choices until I get them all in!

                Planning a juice today of 1.) fuckton helping of spinach 2.) crapload helping of carrots

                Just those two in the juice should get me Vitamin Crazy.



                • Well, now OG is wondering if I just need a new pair of running shoes. Increasing my walk/run from barely 30 minutes to a solid 65 minutes could be the problem. One pair of my shoes are quite old. Asking some people in the know and describing exactly where it is.

                  SLD still working very well. I kinda love it. I did just have two homemade sausage patties and an Applegate hot dog all cooked up in ghee. Delightful.

                  I find ELOO much easier to slug than EVOO or the flavorful CO. My favorites are my liquid CO and MTC.
                  Julia, I wouldn't want to cover up the wonderful flavor of mac oil. I did by a swimmers nose plug. That sucker hurts!!

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                  • My DDIL is an avid runner and she is always buying new shoes. She said when they get somewhat worn, her feet hurt all over.
                    Starting Weight: 197.5
                    Current Weight: 123
                    Far healthier!


                    • Originally posted by janie View Post
                      My DDIL is an avid runner and she is always buying new shoes. She said when they get somewhat worn, her feet hurt all over.
                      Same here, and mine starts in the heel.

                      Just felt a tinge yesterday in the shoes I bought about 3 months ago.

                      I walk 50 to 70 miles a week though, so I go through them quickly.

                      I finally DID find some inserts that make them last a little longer though.

                      They're Dr. Scholl's, blue, spongy, and they come in sizes, you don't cut them
                      or anything to fit your shoe. Fit from the heel to about where your toes start,
                      then they taper off.

                      These inserts give my shoes about 2 more months of life.

                      I really, REALLY love them.

                      I even tried them in a pair of piece of shit running shoes from Walmart - made them
                      feel like expensive shoes from Sports Authority.

                      Only lasted 3 months, but heck, the shoes were only TEN DOLLARS.

                      Worth the experiment.



                      • Yes Janie and Julia, I am going to explore the new shoes and inserts. I have been walking an hour a day..although not at all since this big toe joint pain. My shoes are way too old. They are much better after these days of rest so that tells me it's shoes..cuz I want it to be shoes.

                        Holy crap Julia..that is like ten miles a day. How long does ten miles take you?

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                        • Well I don't walk it all at once or anything.

                          It's all my steps accumulated throughout the day.

                          Usually 5 to 7 of the miles are dedicated miles from my dog walking job, walking the neighborhood
                          with the kids, or going for an hour walk by myself, and the rest is from just doing stuff around the house
                          or around the yard and such.

                          But generally I walk a 15 minute mile, and a 20min mile when I'm walking my dog job because
                          he likes to stop and sniff.

                          Walks with him are mostly 1.5hrs.

                          I wear a FitBit, so every step counts.

                          Today I got on the treadmill for 73 minutes while talking to my mother. zzZzzzzZZzzzzz

                          I was only going 2.5mph (so the noise factor would be low and she wouldn't know I was on it!),
                          but it was better than nothing!

                          And like now, my husband is home, so I'm thinking about going for a walk... Walking makes me
                          EXTREMELY happy (it's the little things, right?). Don't know why. Even when I'm being a total bitch,
                          Mike says to me "wow, how about you go for a walk?" HAR!

                          My stupid knee hurts in shoes though, so I'm going to put on the Vibrams and see how far I can get
                          before "hot foot" sets in.

                          They were great on the treadmill today, but the treadmill is way softer than the sidewalk, so we'll see.

                          So, there's a super duper long winded answer to your question, with way more idle rhetoric than you
                          asked for.

                          It's what I *do*. Why I get paid the big bucks.



                          • OH!

                            And I never put the inserts in the shoes until they start to bug me.

                            Only then do the inserts make the shoes last a couple more months.

                            If you put them in new shoes, it's just money wasted overkill.


                            • Oh good idea on inserts down the road. New shoes are in order. I should at least toss the older 2 pair. I like to rotate so I hang on to them too long.

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                              • Julia, I'll look at the Mac Oil. I have been using the non GMO 100% Avocado Oil from Costco. $9+ for a huge bottle. I'm going to steer clear of the CO as I do think that coconut isn't great for my particular body.

                                Wasn't as hungry today so that's good. Pilates Reformer class about killer me tonight. My hips are still sore from Tuesday night class.

                                I'm loving wide zoodles cooked in a combo of red palm and homemade ghee. I did notice yesterday that Trader Joes now has Bottled Ghee over in the EVOO section for $3.99. Great price compared toWhole Foods where I bought my last jar. Homemade from Kerrygold tastes better though.

                                OG I hope it's your shoes. That's an easier fix than a nutritional fix.

                                Stacy you progress is great!

                                Primal mom, I hope the armor helps. I'm on some other kind. Still can't lose worth crap but my energy has been lots better these three years tht I've been taking it. Now I run at the low end of acceptable instead of at the very top end. It took me years to convince my primary doc.