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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • Wow, Oceangrl! Impressive loss!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I ask how many kcals you are normally having, including your oil shots?
    Starting Weight: 197.5
    Current Weight: 123
    Far healthier!


    • I've found that the AS waxes and wanes depending on absolutely nothing.

      I could be going along swimmingly and all of a sudden have a huge 3 day
      hunger spell and have to do FOUR shots of oil those days.

      Then it's back to an even keel for a good long time.

      Finally weighed today and it was 120.6 - so that's the new "setpoint" I guess because
      I've been bouncing around 120.2 to 122.0 for a long time.

      Today I had my coffee, later an oil shot, and now just finished a green juice that I made
      (not a smoothie, a juice from the juicer) with kale, spinach, carrot, romaine and cucumber.

      Tasted like cut grass smells, but with a whack of vitamins.

      Will eat something decent in a bit, then another oil shot, and then FINALLY I can
      go and walk my part time dog job. After two weeks! So that'll be nice, and I'll get
      some steps in as well.

      For those of you looking for regular ol' CO, I bought another tub of it today at
      Costco, even though it took a million years to find it... grrrr.

      Anyway, 78oz for 22 dollars. Sweet deal. Sure you gotta plug your nose and all, but you
      can't beat that price, so I don't care. I'm jusssst about done with my first tub.

      I'm in a "not so hungry" phase right now, thankfully. And the Stupid Shit isn't even
      calling my name. But ovulation should be kicking in here in about 4 days, so I'd better
      gird my loins for that. Not only do I bloat up 400lbs, but I'm also ravenous.

      The joy of it all....eyeroll.


      Msj - hope your blood panel answers lots of questions!


      • Janie..I dont count cals or macros. Haven't for a couple of years. Whole 30 put a stop to that. I may do it just out of curiosity. I have my 3 shots of oil. Usually a mug of bone broth when I feel empty. Then maybe a scrambled egg or a few slices of leftover dinner for lunch. Then I have 6-8 oz of meat (estimation) and a big pile of veggies for dinner.

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        • Julia you crack me up. As in I have to be careful what is in my mouth when I read your posts.

          I agree with the waxing and waning thing.

          Sweet neighbor just came over for a homemade Komboocha lesson. She brought mac and cheese as a gift. Gak

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          • Got an appt with a function medicine doc for Saturday so i can see what is going on with asp my systems...had an enormous breakfast because didn't do my early shot so i could be fasted for bodywork...the ate 4 eggs, 1 tbs ghee and 4 tbs butter...did shot an hour layer...had a salad with a handful of cranberries and slivered almonds for lunch and coffee with hc (had to eat bc family visiting but totally not hungry) and did second shot at5:15 and now at 6:15 pm totally not hungry but will probably have to choke down a hamburger since family will be all over me if i don't eat but still am totally sated...don't know if its theo oil working or the mega breakfast calories.

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            • Hi everyone,

              Just checking in. Had early morning coffee then took my CO shot at 9am. Got hungrier earlier than yesterday, so I ate a Zing nutrition bar (about 200 cals) and about 10 almonds that I had in my desk at 11am. This held me until 1pm, when I had a big ass salad with about 5-6 ounces of grilled chicken thigh. Had my second CO shot at 3pm. A little after 4pm I plan to eat a cup of raw strawberries, as I have Bikram Yoga at 5 - 6:30 and I tend to get a little woozy if I don't have something light in my stomach.

              I won't eat dinner until 7:30 or so, as I'm going out with the husband so not sure what that will be yet. I am going to lobby for Vietnamese - healthy and tasty!

              I must say, the CO is helping me with staying more satisfied between meals. I am not obsessing over my next meal like I always have. I should probably track my calories/macros again but I did that for so long with no results, that I am taking a little break.
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              ---John F. Kennedy


              • we know what gout is? I am in a ton of pain in the top of my foot.

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                • My husband has it in his elbow right now.

                  It's a GREAT TIME, and completely apropos of NOTHING, no matter WHAT
                  anyone says.

                  Fructose: NO

                  Beer: NO

                  Red Meat: NO

                  It's the Colic of Adults, swear to the g-man.

                  If that's what you really have, I hope it goes away soon!

                  Usually takes about a week completely.



                  • Oh golly, I hope it's not gout! I hope you can nip it in the bud if that's what it is.

                    I forgot to take oil today. DUH! What was I thinking. Interestingly enough, I was less hungry today than I was yesterday when I had 2T of oil.

                    I will go put the bottle on the counter for morning.

                    I went to Trader Joes today. They don't carry ELOO, just the virgin stuff.


                    • Originally posted by calee View Post
                      Oceangirl, that's me from over yonder. Are you over there? Do I know you? That would be great if Derval came over to play!

                      I can't believe I bought a quart of MCT. I guess it's instant relief from constipation. The Avocado oil is tasteless and goes down easy.

                      I went to the market for Palm Oil. Do you think it would be good on zoodles, or do I need to put it on meat?
                      Did I hear my name? Hi C & S
                      Very interested & having a read, not sure I quite get it yet....could someone run me through how a typical day would look?


                      • Originally posted by Derval View Post
                        Did I hear my name? Hi C & S
                        Very interested & having a read, not sure I quite get it yet....could someone run me through how a typical day would look?
                        Oh yay..Derv is here. Just sent you my typical day on FB. It seems everyone finds their own schedule that works.

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                        • Ooo..I do eat a lot of red meat. Rarely fructose. Never beer. Maybe twice a year. It seems I have ditched my veggies since I have been doing SLD. I just don't know what else would make the tops of my feet ache. Both of them. I remember my friend Piper's Dad had gout. He was the king of bacon. In fact, he fried his chicken in bacon fat.

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                          • Originally posted by Derval View Post
                            Did I hear my name? Hi C & S
                            Very interested & having a read
                            YAY! Let the party begin!

                            I'm still figuring it out and reading the book so I don't have a routine down yet. But I'm trying to get in a morning hot and last night had my first evening shot. I haven't found a sweet spot with AS yet but I hope it's coming. Others are having great success. I think that coming off my W75 I fell some sort of reluctance to down the oil. I have to really commit.


                            • Oh golly, chicken fried in bacon fat. I love bacon burns have missed it. Haven't been willing to order from Wellness so have been abstaining. I'm going out t o buy bacon today.

                              OG, I've had to make a big effort this week to keep veggies on my plate. Have you been doing new yoga moves that strain the tops of your feet?

                              I am happy to report that 1 of the 1.5 pounds that suddenly showed up has left.

                              After my horrific response to MCT I think I am still afraid even using other oils. I haven't responded poorly to avocado oil so I need to just get over that fear. My evening shot caused no problems last night and I slept great.


                              • Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
                       we know what gout is? I am in a ton of pain in the top of my foot.

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                                I'm not sure if this works - but maybe worth a shot.... Try drinking baking soda mixed with water a few times a day. The baking soda is supposed to reduce acid in the body, which gout is caused by uric acid. Google baking soda and gout to get more info.

                                In other news...

                                I am down another pound! 3 lbs in less than 2.5 weeks! In the last year I have only averaged 2 lbs a month at most. And this after 4 days off oil.

                                I used olive oil (OO) instead of CO since it was all I had on hand. I don't care for the texture as much, but much easier to not taste it! Yesterday I did a OO shot at 10am, 30-min spin class at noon. 4 eggs at 1:30. OO shot at 3pm, small (very small) spinach salad at 5:30, 2 slices of bacon at 7pm (all I could eat and that was even tough to get down), hour of weight lifting at 8pm, and another oil shot at 9:30pm. I WAS NOT HUNGRY ALL DAY (besides after spin class when I ate 4 eggs). Also full of energy all day. Did not sit down from time I got home from work a little after 5, until I went to bed at 11:30.

                                Stomach grumbling a bit this morning. I finished my coffee about an hour ago so going to have my first OO shot now. Hopefully that will tide me over until 1:30 when I eat after my first workout today!