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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • Calee I do 3 TBS a day. One an hour after coffee. One around 3pm and one before bed.

    The cheese I bought was KG limited edition cheddar. My eyes are still itching.

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    • Anyone have thoughts about or targets for % of macros while doing SLD (probably not counting the shots)? I ask b/c I've always been a bit lax on getting adequate protein so must watch myself with that. Thought about it earlier and looked at the past few days and realized I probably need to eat a bit more protein.
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      Current Weight: 123
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      • I come from W30 land, so I eat protein with every meal. Janie, do you not like protein?

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        • I'm here!

          Back on oil today and zero Stupid Shit.

          Yesterday was good too, but it wasn't an SLD day, so I didn't bother typing
          up my incredibly boring menu.

          Probably won't anyway. Just have to grow a pair and not eat the SS.

          Will probably weigh tomorrow to get my "actual baseline" and go from there.

          Today I've had my coffee, 8 pieces of bacon and two oil shots.

          Steak and chicken are still marinating in their shishkabob slop and will be
          tonight's dinner!

          Probably no more oil today because I'm still not hungry from the aforementioned
          at 12pm.

          Stupid knee has been 100% yesterday and today (knock on wood) so I can get
          back to WALKING.

          Totally fired up and the pity party is OVAH.

          And, might as well keep this thread right where it is, no need to fix what ain't broke.

          Julia Goolia


          • I like it, but when I don't track, my natural intake is a bit low on protein. Since I was keeping carbs low, I was eating higher fat. When I started lifting, I made a point to eat more protein, as I do want to build more muscle. But it suddenly dawned on me that I might really have to keep aware of that doing SLD as my calorie intake has dropped. Thus, I was wondering what % of calories others normally get of protein, fat & carbs. After reading the Lyle McDonald link that Canuck posted, I was reminded again that I might be shorting myself on protein if I want to be able to build muscle.
            Starting Weight: 197.5
            Current Weight: 123
            Far healthier!


            • Glad you are back on board, Julia.

              We won't find your menus boring and I encourage you to post them if that will help keep you away from the SS.

              It sounds as though you quite easily got yourself back in the SLD game. I'm glad your knee is better. I've had my share of knee problems, so I can sympathize. When they act up, it really keeps you from doing the simplest things!
              Starting Weight: 197.5
              Current Weight: 123
              Far healthier!


              • Thanks Janie.

                Yeah, it was minor, but man, what a pain in the ass.

                Especially during the summer with 8 & 11 breathing down my neck: "WHAT ARE WE
                DOING TODAY?!?!?!"

                Yeah, how about nothing. Go play with your 10 million dollars worth of ride on toys
                and have fun with that!

                Hoping to get over 20K steps today. Sitting at 12K right now, and a night walk with
                Mr. 11 is in my future... so that'll be good.

                Still sitting with the bacon, oil and coffee, though I sneaked a couple more
                pieces of bacon, bringing the grand total up to ten. HA!

                Just loaded up all the *^&%! skewers with chicken and beef shishkabobs.

                Mother has made WAY TOO MANY. Holy lord. You'd think I'd grown up during
                the depression or something with the way my portions of food are made. Always
                been like this too. Dunno why.

                Ah well, at least it sets me up to eat it ALL WEEK LONG and not grab something lame

                Going to limit my Stupid Shit to about 30g of chocolate chips a night, IF I want them, if
                not, then not.

                These shishkabobs are super tasty. Marinated for over 24hrs, and each piece of meat is
                put between a hammock of onion. My husband calls them little onion sandwiches. In between
                the onion and the next thing there are bell peppers and mushrooms.

                Can't wait to eat them!

                Hoping to keep my protein around 92g a day. I know that's how much LBM I have.. or at least
                I did two years ago after my DEXA, so I'll stick with that.

                Okie dokie, that's it for now. Bored. May have to go pull someone's hair for fun.



                • Julia lol. My daughter is 28, but I SO remember the love/hate I had with summer. What..I have to amuse you! Fine..but what about me!!

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                  • I haven't had oil for a couple of days now, after a strange extra ravenous few days, I decided to go back to what really caused me AS in the past, mainly tons of protein, not fat on its own, and very little starch, I know so many people say fat makes them so satisfied, and so many say starch/potatoes fill them up so much, but not with me, no idea why, I just have this hole in my stomach that wont be filled except with high amount of protein!!

                    So been having a lot of protein to gain control, like Julia I became ravenous for bad stuff last week even though I was taking the oil, the HIIt didn't help, but at the weekend I regained control by no exercising (about from some core/Abs exercise) and getting a lot of protein, however, I don’t want to be too much on the VLC side, so am adding Greek yoghurt, lots of veg as well, I think I will keep my carbs around the 50gm a day.

                    The curious thing is I too didn't feel I gained any weight from ingesting all the bad stuff!! my clothes fits fine, no bloat, which is good, this is something I wanted to happen actually, I was so fed up when I was VLC/ZC, any derailing - even unknowingly with hidden ingredients will cause my weight to bounce like 5lb or 10lbs I'd be so bloated my clothes wont fit me, so its good to feel I can get away with a few days off the wagon!

                    So I think lots of protein + oil dose should do the trick, will report back…. If this didn’t work, I will experiment with changing the oil and report back.


                    • Julia/Oceangrl - I got a good laugh out of the kids and summer conversation. I used to be praying for school to start at about mid-July. They were bored and making me crazy. Like I had nothing else to do but figure out what might entertain them. Funny, but I can't remember that ever being an issue when I was a kid - we simply went outside and played!

                      The shishkabobs sound tasty. Since I want to make sure I eat adequate protein, cooking in bulk might be the best idea. When I made oceangrl's Togo chicken, we had it for sev'l days and I had less kitchen work.

                      Hotmail - your plan sounds good. I know a number of others who also say they don't truly feel full w/o a good protein intake. I know I need solid food - I made a smoothie w/almond milk and protein powder yesterday and was hungry in no time. Not doing that again soon. For breakfast this AM I had steak and eggs, and last night put in a new order w/Wellness.
                      Starting Weight: 197.5
                      Current Weight: 123
                      Far healthier!


                      • Hi Janie, yes smoothies do not satisfy me, but they are tasty, nowadays if I have a smoothie or a shake, I add greek yogurt I find that really satisfiying.

                        I've been eating a decent amount of food today, nothing too bad, a friend of mine just moved jobs and she is working in the building close to mine, so we went out for lunch and had Beef Pho with the rice noodles, which I love. Not sure how many calories in it, but I find it satisfying.

                        Other food that makes me really satisfied apart from meat/eggs and greek yogurt is raw almonds, and because its raw, I hardly ever eat more than a handful. Oh and a good slice of mature chadder, that also gives me AS.


                        • Think I really should switch my oil though, I should get something healthier than Olive oil, but as I said before, I don't trust the refined CO in the Asian shops, and the one in the health stores are EV with a lot of flavor... the MCT here even on amazon is double the price it is in the US, don't want to buy one then realise it wont work for me!


                          • Originally posted by Hotmail View Post
                            Think I really should switch my oil though, I should get something healthier than Olive oil, but as I said before, I don't trust the refined CO in the Asian shops, and the one in the health stores are EV with a lot of flavor... the MCT here even on amazon is double the price it is in the US, don't want to buy one then realise it wont work for me!
                            I don't blame you for being hesitant with those prices. Why do you feel olive oil is unhealthy?

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                            • No AS yet for me yet...ran home after dropping kids at camp and made 3 eggs scrambled with 1tbs of ghee...then decided to make some ghee for my mom and preceded to skim off all the foam that formed and eat it while it was cooking so i guess the dairy free month is out the window...maybe I'll amend it to just no cheese and keep in gf butter and hc...

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                              • Yeah, this summer is the first summer that I've actually loved all the way

                                Usually I can't WAIT for the little buggers to get back to school, but this summer
                                is only 64 days, and with my eldest starting 6th grade, here comes the point
                                in which everyone said would "go by so fast".

                                It's finally starting and I'm anxious about it!

                                I'd like for my 8yo to get older, as he's the biggest POW on the planet, but the
                                11yo needs to STOP.NOW.

                                I just hate it when they say they're bored. Seriously. We have a pool, with a slide and a
                                diving board. We live at the BOTTOM of a court. A 12 house court, it's DEEP. They have
                                go karts, electric scooters, bikes, razor scooters, rollerblades, bb-guns - you name it,
                                THEY HAVE IT. But, they're "bored". Please.

                                My requirement as a child was to leave the house at 9 and my mother didn't want to see
                                me until 5. Done.

                                Course, that was a different time and all. I really don't want either of my kids going off the
                                court. Kinda helicopter mom that way.... I'll get over it someday I guess. Like when they're
                                teenagers and I ask them to go play in the freeway!

                                Anyway, SLD - shishkabobs were great, but man, my stomach HATES bell peppers. Was up all
                                night visiting the bathroom. NOT BARFING if you catch my drift. Couldn't care less though. Will
                                eat them with wild abandon today as well and suffer the consequences. GET OVER IT, INTESTINES!

                                Yesterday was a great SLD day - two shots of oil, bacon, coffee and about 200g of chicken and
                                steak. 1200 cals and ZERO hunger.

                                *DID* go for a night walk with Mr. 11 from 10pm to 11pm, got in 21k steps total for the day.

                                Gonna try for that or more again today. So thrilled the knee is better. It's like getting a present! HA!

                                So far today I've had coffee and an oil shot.

                                I've got some hard boiled eggs on the menu and probably more shishkabobs for dinner... We'll see if
                                I get hungry for anything else. Last night I was so full I didn't even want the chocolate chips.. which is
                                really, REALLY weird.

                                Carry on peeps!