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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • Oh re the sugar water, it gave me excellent AS today, but I used it as well as the oil, not instead of the oil, so in the morning I had about 1.5 tablespoon of oil, followed by one table spoon of sugar dissolved in hot water, then I had a second dose of sugar water around 2pm but no oil. I had no appetite until about 4:30 pm.
    This would have been such a good food and AS day if it wasn't for the wine + the nibbles that came with the wine but hey I really enjoyed it.


    • Originally posted by Hotmail View Post
      well they served the wine in small glasses, we tasted 6 wines, the first one Heida Swiss wine, I didn't like, but the others were very nice, the reds were very similar to pinot noir really smooth, so really nice, bought a bottle to give as a present to my Canadian relatives who are wine wine connoisseurs, and make their own home made wine. As Swiss wines are rarely available (they don't really export it much) it will be a good treat for them.
      That will be a lovely treat for them, if you don't drink it!! Hic, hic.
      Glad you had a good time.
      FTM. I'm not biased, I hope everybody beats the mags!


      • Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
        I have one too Julia. A 1979. Yes, you read that right.

        Just got my MCT oil, and ez2cy, I lied, not all oils are 130 cals - this stuff is only
        100 per 15ml (tablespoon).

        Anyway, just took some..... let's all see if I get The Works folks! HA!

        So weird that it doesn't have any flavor. And I'm talking ZERO... and it's pretty
        thin too... no melting with water necessary.

        HM, your wine tasting sounded fun!



        • I have a snake in the house. A python named Monty (of course - what else??) I'm babysitting him for my son who is in the States for the summer. He's a nice quiet snake, very slow moving and peaceful. I kinda like him. And this from someone who has always been more than a bit freaked out by garter snakes in the woods. (They move fast and are unpredictable - Monty is slow.)


          • Julia, I think I want to get some MCT oil. I have liquid coconut oil but it's definitely not tasteless. Which brand did you order. I am getting low on my red palm oil..thank goodness. It tastes like poo.

            Martha my daughter has a ball python that I kind of like. His name is Allen. Jess named him after her beloved Grandpa who passed away a year ago.

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            • I'll be out running about all day today with the grocery shopping on my long to-do list. I intend to look for flavorless oils..perhaps MCT or refined walnut. If those aren't available I might go for the ELOO but not if it contains any nasty seed oils.
              Starting Weight: 197.5
              Current Weight: 123
              Far healthier!


              • Somehow MyFitDay had the MCT oil I've been using at 130cal/tbsp. I looked on the label today and it's actually 100 per tbsp. So I've been unwittingly ingesting under my recommended amount of flavorless cals--no wonder I wasn't getting proper AS! Yesterday I did 3tbsp and I'll continue with that amount. Hopefully the AS kicks in soon, because I really like the MCT oil and don't want to switch.


                • I'd like to switch to MCT after finishing this ELOO bottle I have - actually in the UK its not called ELOO, its called Mild &Light olive oil... whatever I still pinch my nose.

                  I am fitting in smaller clothes, but my body shape is different now than when I'd normally fit into those clothes, in the past 10 years I lost mainly on LC/VLC, and the first areas I'd lose usually is my tummy, now I think I am losing from my bum and legs, back, but my tummy is bigger than normal - I am eating a lot of veg, some meat and potatoes (rice very rarely).

                  I noticed this happened as well when I ate mainly fruit a couple of years ago, my legs arms, bum and back slimmed, but my tummy looked like Buddha's tummy


                  • Oceangrl, this is what I got, from Amazon:

           NOW Foods Mct 100% Oil, 32-Fluid Ounces: Health & Personal Care

                    Looks as though it's gone up 5 dollars since I ordered it though.

                    You may want to look around on amazon and see if there's anything else on sale for

                    As long as it's 100% MCT, that's all I looked for.

                    Anyway, got it, tried it yesterday an hour after eating something, no deleterious effects,
                    and now I've just tried it on an "empty" stomach, so we'll see what happens!

                    I measured my bicep the other day and it's an inch smaller! What the HECK!?

                    I mean, that's great and all... still have nice muscle tone and my bicep muscles from weight
                    training... hope it's all fat. Tee hee. I like 10.5 inches better than 11.5 for sure.

                    I THOUGHT they looked smaller when I had my arms down at my side, but maybe thought I
                    was imagining things....



                    • Thanks for the link to the MCT on Amazon, Julie. I just ordered it as I couldn't find any in the rather large health section of my grocery. I did buy a mild olive oil that is 100% olive and a bottle of refined walnut oil. Will be doing some experimentation. I had started with the intention of just using my unrefined coconut oil, but had some major intestinal upset and, although not sure, am thinking it could be the coconut oil. I did not use oil at all yesterday due to that, but still amazingly had little appetite. I'm one of those who can't stay off the scale and am down 1-1/2 lbs since 7/13. My point in doing this is to truly establish a new setpoint. So tired of bouncing!
                      Starting Weight: 197.5
                      Current Weight: 123
                      Far healthier!


                      • I also went to Amazon and bought the MCT oil (thanks for the link Julie). I'm using my refined CO right now and it is working wonderfully for AS, but I'll use the MCT oil for the old change em up technique.

                        Janie, your weight loss seems to be amazing 75lbs, I need to loss 30 and I can't get the dang scale to budge. Since my big binge weekend 4th of July I've gained 3lbs. So I'm really ready for this to kick in, but I'm only on my 2nd week oiling. I must be patient......


                        • Thanks, Bhanes. I lost most of it eating low carb - in the beginning VLC. I discovered that was what worked for me after years of listening to CW nonsense. Not to say that is the answer for everybody but it sure was for me.

                          Over time I've increased my veggie & fruit consumption and occasionally have potato or white rice. I've "maintained" in a 5 lb range, but am hoping that Shangri-la will help me lower my setpoint which seems to be 128 -- the # I continually bounce up to.
                          Starting Weight: 197.5
                          Current Weight: 123
                          Far healthier!


                          • I lost a lot of weight on VLC and ZC, managed to stay ZC for just under 2 years, but it wasn't sustainable in the long run, also my health suffered, adding veg and fruit meant gaining weight for me, then my visit to back home for about 2 months meant more weight gain, so *sigh* back to the drawing board, but this time I really don't want to lose the weight by doing VLC or ZC, I end up visiting my family back home, and they eat a lot of veg/fruit/meat and rice. I want to be able to eat at least the meat and veg, and perhaps some rice with them without having to worry that by the end of the visit I will be up 10lbs, fed up of that. Also fed up with strict LC whenever I decide to have a treat for a special occasion I am up 5lbs the next day - mind you when I was VLC and tried to eat a treat, I'll eat the whole cake or something like that, not just one slice, I want to train my body to eat lots of veg and a small amount of starches, and be able to cope with a small amount of desserts without bouncing so much, hoping SLD with give me the ability to control the appetite, and reset my metabolism to cope with some carbs.


                            • I don't know if I am too hopeful and expecting too much of SLD, last time I did SLD, must admit I didn't buy into the whole flavourless theory, I honestly thought my appetite was suppressed because of the fat, I was with other VLCers who were drinking butter shots without worrying about the flavour, and they all were losing weight... then after a month or so they all stopped losing, then after a few months, they all started to gain eating exactly the same thing they were eating when they were losing.

                              Now I do want to believe the theory, I really do, so hope it doesn't stop working and we don't end up regaining!!


                              • Good! Glad the link worked.

                                Well, the verdict is that I *DID* get a little gastric distress!

                                I didn't mind it much. Doesn't bother me, but the timing did since my kids wanted to
                                get in the pool at that exact moment, and I was like "um, er, well, just put your feet in
                                for a couple minutes, I'll be right back...."

                                Good AS so far.. took it two hours ago and I'm not hungry for anything yet.

                                However, that said, I tweaked my knee a couple days ago so I'm not able to walk my 8 miles
                                a day. No walking means I'm not hungry one bit. Booooooooo.

                                Drowned my sorrows in some brownies I made last night though. But, couldn't even eat as many
                                of those as I wanted because I got full off of three.

                                That is unheard of.

                                Knowing myself, I even made a double batch, thinking I'd power down at least half.

                                Now I'm stuck with a football field of brownies, and they don't even LOOK good to me

                                WHAT THE FRESH HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?

                                Janie, 128 was my set point as well.

                                Now it's between 120 and 123.

                                I'm shooting for 115, but not sure the ol' bod is going to go for it. Emphasis on OLD.

                                Man I hate not being able to get out there and go walking. Grrrrrr! Was about to tear up the carpet
                                in the hallway to do SOMETHING, but then the kids wanted to swim. How DARE they. I mean, really,
                                what is this, SUMMER???