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  • Julia, forget about pedometers, this is what you really need: Gadget that counts how many bites you take 'could help stop people overeating' | Mail Online


    • Bwahahahaha!



      • I am so blown away right now. Ate my breakfast, then downed my spoonful of palm oil at 1. Ran errands, walked fast with my dog for 90 minutes and at 6.22, I am just now thinking maybe I will be hungry for dinner by 7. I have been a 3 meals a day person for 3 years. Amazed.

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        • Wow Oceangrl, that is so great!

          Yesterday I subsisted on my coffee in the morning, then I started cleaning
          the house.

          Recently gutted it and now it was time to clean all my nice new shiny ROOM
          that I have!

          The boys helped me clean as well. Think we were at it a good three hours.

          Had some oil 2 hrs after my coffee, then an hour after that I had another one cuz
          I still wasn't hungry. Took the boys to the candy store for some treats for helping
          me clean (they did a great job, really! I was amazed!), came home, finally felt some
          hunger, had about 45g of cheddar cheese and I was perfect!

          Later my husband grilled up some chicken wings, which I ate about 12 of, those
          small little drummettes and wing parts, and that was all I needed.

          Usually I would eat that many and then need something crunchy, or something sweet,
          but nope, I didn't.

          I even went a little crazy at Target yesterday. Chex has come out with some new flavored
          gluten free cereals, vanilla and cinnamon, rice chex. I was SO hoping to have a small little
          bowl of those after dinner for my sweet/crunchy fix, but I couldn't even will myself to spark
          up a small amount of hunger OR mouth hunger to do it! Flabbergasting at best.

          So, yesterday ended up being a 1200 calorie day, a BUNCH of cleaning (read: i did all the
          mopping and I have hard floors in all but one room) and walked a total of 9.5 miles.

          It will be VERY interesting to see if I'm extra hungry today or not.

          So far so good, but I'm still getting through my coffee, so there's that.

          Is that a black lab I see in your avatar? Boy? Girl? Name please!

          I've had two in my lifetime, first one, my sweet baby girl Sophie, got her at 8
          weeks and she lived for 16 years (got her at 18 when I moved out) and then
          my second, Hugo, a rescue, 7 years old and lived until he was 15.

          This is the first time in 44.5 years that I've been dog free for almost two years.

          It's very strange.. and I STILL walk around the back yard looking for dog poop that
          I "might step on". Gah.

          My kids are still so damn needy that there's no way in hell I could get a puppy right
          now (and I'm fine with that, cuz they're so fun!), but the minute, THE MINUTE they
          don't "need me anymore" (the teenage brooding years), your head will spin with how
          fast I run out and get a puppy.

          For now I have to get my dog fix from my part time dog walking job. A very sweet
          German Shepherd/Greyhound mix that was a rescue from Guatemala. He's been a
          challenge since he came to the owner fearful of EVERYTHING (and I mean everything,
          even caution tape blowing in the wind, I'm serious). So I have been desensitizing him
          and really working with him a lot and he is SO much better now. Used to be scared shitless
          of the water, wouldn't come within 20 feet of it, and just yesterday, after 8 months of
          diligent work and cajoling, he finally swam. I almost cried! I praised him so much he
          JUST about wiggled right out of his skin. Sweet boy.

          Okay! Rambling! I blame it on the coffee!

          Keep up the good work, girls!



          • Julia, that is a bear. He was outside my brother's house in Mammoth, California. He had been in my brother's house and stole a bag of raw sugar. I told my brother it was the Bear's way of telling him that he should do a Whole 30.

            I had a yellow lab named Sailor. The best dog who ever owned me. I have a great photo of my daughter as an infant lying on her blanket on the floor with Sailor laying next to her..guarding her.

            It's 9:30 and just had a spoonful of oil. Skipping breakfast. I come from a forum/philosophy that doesn't weigh. I just weighed myself. 2.5 lbs down. Probably not real fat loss at this point but who cares. I find this whole thing amazing. daughter is going camping with her boyfriend and his family. I volunteered to make their dinner for one night. I made ribs, macaroni salad and my mom's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Not even tempted.

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            • HA!

              Black labs, bears, same thing, right? Snort.

              Hey, that's fantastic you weren't tempted.

              Completely amazing.

              And wow on the 2.5lbs!

              Yeah, I don't weigh so much either. I'm getting curious, but
              I'll hold out a bit longer. It definitely sets my mood for the day
              and I'd rather not be angry if nothing has changed....

              Some of my favorite neighbors and their five children are moving
              away today. I volunteered to watch the kids while they do some
              last minute cleaning, so I'll have them, another 5 kids that they/we
              are friends with that want to spend time with them too and my own

              That's going to be a crapton of kids! Ranging from 12yo to 2yo....

              Gonna do my oil at 10:30 and hope it holds me until who knows when.

              Going to be a busy day. PRAY FOR ME. Har!



              • Don't want to brag, but today I got featured on Seths blog.


                • Oh definitely do brag! Going to check it out.

                  I'm chuffed by reading about how everyone is doing here, too! Can't wait till hubs gets home with the clothespins so I can try one. Maybe we can make clothespinned noses the new thing. Everyone will want one. They'll be the new hot accessory. I'm going to bedazzle mine.
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                  • Morex that is so awesome!!

                    Little Vase, that is so funny. Bedazzled clothes pin.

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                    • I've started taking olive oil by the teaspoonful.


                      • Morex, you definitely have infinite bragging rights. G'head!

                        LV, I am so jealous of your bedazzled clothes pin that I must
                        find my own way now to fame and fortune. Perhaps I will market
                        a coconut oil that has real gold flakes in it like my beloved Goldschlager.....
                        may it R.I.P.....

                        Katherine! Was thinking about you last night, wondering what was going on.

                        How did the teaspoon of olive oil do? Did you get "The Works"?

                        I swear I have a stomach of steel. I think I could drink the entire 48oz tub of
                        coconut oil and suffer nary a deleterious effect. Whatever!!!!



                        • Oh mention of Goldschlager and my head hurts. It was years ago when I overdid it, but I can bring up the vision in a heartbeat.

                          I am the same way. Cast iron stomach here.

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                          • Julia and oceangrl, I love reading your comments. I look forward to seeing what's up in this thread now, thanks to you two and your funny updates!

                            Oh I am so going to market these bedazzled clothespins. I will remember all of you when I become famous. Then I can afford some of your CO with gold flakes, Julia. Only the best for me. The very idea of regular CO (the kind without the gold flakes) is now just a complete affront to my delicate sensibilites!

                            Julia, I prayed for you today as per your request ;P
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                            • Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
                              I've started taking olive oil by the teaspoonful.
                              How did that work out? Did it go right through you like before?
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                              • I had a busy morning out of the house, so I didn't get to take my first dose of 1 teaspoonful until 2:00 pm. I have taken 3 hourly doses, and I will take one more before supper.

                                I had a little gas after the first one, but no diarrhea then or since then. Tomorrow I will start earlier so I can fit in more doses. If I don't get diarrhea, I will build up the total volume of intake before I start consolidating to fewer doses.