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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • Yeah, it's goofy for sure.

    I'm a very hyper and energetic person, so even if I had
    adrenal fatigue, I'd never know it.

    I can go for a 12 mile hike and STILL want to run around crazy an hour
    afterwards. WHATEVER!

    My cals/macs so far for the day (no dinner yet) are:

    Cals - 893
    P - 35g
    C - 15g (if you do net, they'd be 8)
    F - 78g

    % 15/7/78

    After my gym stint I had my part time dog walking job for an hour, and he was
    CRAZY, so we basically RAN the whole time.

    I really hope the fat on my ass was fueling it. HAR!

    For dinner I'll probably have tuna with mayo, on sliced cheddar...

    I plan to eat more protein on my lifting days, of which I'm cutting
    down to Tuesdays and Fridays, and still only doing the 3X5's as HEAVY
    as I can possibly tolerate.

    Thanks for the props Leida! Totally confooozed as well.


    p.s. thanks unchantenfrance!


    • Julie and Leida, are your calorie counts net or gross?


      • Hruh?

        Those are just mine so far today - it's only 2:37pm here so I'll be having
        dinner later around 7, after my son's baseball game, so that'll up it.


        • I mean, you said you're eating 1600-1700 calories or more daily. Is that before or after you subtract the calories burned through exercise?


          • OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, sorry, math isn't my first language, or second, or third, or probably 100th....

            I don't even count the exercise against the calories, ever.

            I mean, I know them and all because I wear a bodybugg, but I never say "hey, i just walked four miles,
            burned 400 calories, and now I get to eat that in avocado."

            Anyway, I get what you're saying, but those are the calories that are porked down by the end of the day,
            so I guess they're before being subtracted from the calories burned for the day.

            I dunno if I'm making any sense...

            Saturday I ate 1879 cals and burned 2178, so, supposedly a deficit of 319, but who really knows
            if all that burning is actually accurate.

            I don't know WHAT to believe anymore.


            • No, what you're saying makes sense :-) I'm just frustrated because I've long reached that point where my body has said "this is rock bottom and I am not letting go of a single ounce of fat anymore so suck it." I can barely get a couple of hundred calories' deficit daily, and pretty much nothing is working in helping me shred.


              • Well that's where I was two months ago, exercising like a damn fool and eating 1200 calories
                a day and not losing shit.

                This is why Mother is perplexed, confoozed and don't know what to say.

                I up the fat to some ungodly amount, lower the protein and cut the carbs and now
                it's going, despite of MORE calories.

                Dunno, but now I've probably jinxed it and will be over 700lbs by morning.


                This probably isn't my rock bottom though, so who knows!


                • Haha, well I wouldn't say I exercise like a damn fool. I do Body Flow 4 days a week, and Bodyrock, upper body lifting and Irish dance each once a week. (the upper body day gives my legs a rest and the Irish dance day gives my upper body a rest). And I do take a full one-day break 1-2 times a month. I checked Mark's post on "8 signs you may be overtraining" and none of them apply to me. The rest of my time I sit on my ass. I net 1700 calories daily, including the oil shots (so I eat 2000-2100 minus exercise). My carbs vary anywhere from 70 to 140 a day, just depends. 50-60% of cals are fat. Should I cut carbs and increase fat? I did ketosis a few years back and it also did bupkus for me. My stress and sleep are a-ok.


                  • I really don't know *what* you should do, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try lowering
                    carbs before calories. I dunno.

                    When you tried keto - how long did you actually do it?

                    It's been almost 8 weeks for me and just NOW do I see things really taking
                    a turn for the better.

                    So if you didn't try it for very long, you may want to try it again, or not!

                    I never do the food minus exercise thing - when I was a moderator on a weight training
                    board, jesus, their biggest motto was "Don't Pay For Food With Exercise". So I didn't
                    and still don't.

                    If you do try keto again, I triple dog dare you to NOT exercise AT ALL during the first 7
                    to 10 days.

                    All righty, well, whatever you choose, I hope it all gets figured out soon!



                    • All interesting stuff, Julie. I did keto about 2-3 years ago when I was still fairly new to PB. I was also exercising and trying to keep my calories too low, so I think that is part of the reason why I didn't see results. I also have to eat back my calories from exercise. There is no way in heck I can get by on consuming gross maintenance calories and live, even with IF, keto and whatnot.

                      I think I will take you up on your dare in April after my teaching responsibilities end for the semester - keto with no exercise for 10 days. I haven't had a full week off from exercise since the first week of January so I think I am long overdue for some "strategic deconditioning."


                      • Okay, cool!

                        Sounds like a Master Plan!



                        • omg, unchantenfrance, mark is stalking us and reading our minds!

                          Why Taking the Easy Way Out Isn't Always a Bad Choice | Mark's Daily Apple

                          i know you say that your workout now isn't too much and you don't have any of the signs
                          of overtraining, but neither did I, weight lifting 3 times a week, full body routine, 3X8 and
                          walking 10 miles a day (taken from total steps for the day divided by 2000).

                          I felt fantastic, energetic, crazy for more!

                          But that week off Cuz of the Kids, and then the week of Their Sickness (and the husband's.. spare me!)
                          and then MINE... really got me thinking that even though my routine was, well, routine for me, and felt like
                          NOTHING (i was seriously thinking of upping my steps to 20K a day to see if I could get ANYTHING to happen),
                          it just must have been too much.

                          Not being able to work out and upping my calories because of vacation and all the rest, that's when I started losing.

                          Still baffles me... and could just be a blip on the screen.... but still. Worth repeating, but now I will clam it. Promise!



                          • I just don't even know what to do or think anymore. "Sitting a lot will kill you! Don't work out too hard because it could very well be counterproductive!" What the blarghety blargh do you want me to doooooooo then?????


                            • I know, right?!?!?!

                              Even sitting here right now has ants in my pants.

                              Since yesterday I did my weights (and boy am I sore, even with measly 3X5's!)
                              and then my dog walking for an hour, I STILL want to get up and go hiking
                              THIS INSTANT for like 3 hours.

                              But I know that today should be some sort of lame ass rest day because of yesterday.

                              I guess that means I have to put away the 4 loads of clean laundry that are sitting behind
                              me on the bed in a complete mess and maybe mop the kitchen floor for the first time in 6
                              months, but I really want to go do something FUN. MORE FUN THAN THAT.

                              So, yeah, whatever. It's all so confusing.

                              edited to add:

                              just plugged in my bodybugg and uploaded the info
                              from yesterday - i burned 2520 calories, walked 16K
                              steps and was "active" for 4.5 hours out of the day.

                              that probably seems like a lot for most people but for me,
                              when I saw it, I was like "what? how? what'd I do? hruh?"

                              feels like just a drop in the bucket.

                              i only ended up eating 1350 cals yesterday as well since
                              we had my son's baseball game at 5, got home at 7:30
                              and I was too jazzed up to eat a full dinner. wasn't hungry
                              so now i have a deficit for yesterday of 1170.


                              but see, i could totally jump right up right now and duplicate
                              yesterday with nary a thought, but my body, without telling me,
                              EVER, would say "no, no, julie, overtraining! sit down, fool!"

                              i will *try* to listen... maybe just take a leisurely walk to the
                              drug store today for some more magnesium, I'm all out..
                              Last edited by InSearchOfAbs; 03-13-2013, 09:44 AM.


                              • Took a tbsp of coconut oil an hour before lunch today and it made me feel so ill. Which is totally weird because I eat coconut all. the. time. I only have the extra virgin until I can get to the store on Friday so I held my nose. Was fine to eat it but I was so queasy afterward. Eating lunch helped but I'm not looking forward to this afternoon.

                                BTW, I was starving when I went to bed last night (no idea why) and have been starving all day, even though I ate a breakfast that usually keeps me full for 6+ hours. I still think it might be the hormones, but we'll see what the doc says when I see him next week.