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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • well, so I'm on the 2nd day of CO twice a day. Digestion is all fine, so that's good. Taking one shot first thing in the morning means I don't even eat until 11:30-1pm which is pretty amazing. I take the 2nd dose between lunch and dinner and am less hungry during dinner. And I'm surprised because I crossfit 3x a week, so that's good. I haven't been tracking my food, so I'm guessing my calories haven't dropped too much, but probably a little. I may track my food for a few days to just check out of curiosity. I stopped tracking 3 months ago and just eat until satisfied though.

    Weight: jumped up to 174 (from 172) and was a little surprised, but it could just start whooshing off now? hopefully? probably? pretty please? LOL I'll update again in a few days or if I see the drop in weight.

    Happy Paleo Girl, Thanks for the idea of putting some in the fridge! I'm going to be gone on Thursday so I'm thinking to just put a little in a tiny tupperware in my purse so I have it for the day.


    • I've taken 3 days to read this entire thread, and I can't thank you all enough for sharing your experiences!!

      I'm 50, menopausal (as of this Jan.) and need to release about 50lbs. My brief weight journey: overweight teen, got slim in 20's, gained in my 30's up to 240lbs., released 95 in my 40's doing medifast and have had trouble ever since. I maintained for a while doing low-carb, but then it just started creeping back on. Tried a couple of crazy crash diets, but ended up at 165. Then, last summer, gained 20lbs. in 6weeks with no change in diet. Hot flashes came back (they had been controlled with non-soy herbals recommended by my gyno) and I went on bio-identical hrt. Add another 5 random pounds and here I am. I did a Whole30 between Thanksgiving and Christmas with no release of weight, and started a Whole100 on 1/1. Still no weight change!!

      So, here I am. I have MCT oil from my foray into Bulletproof Coffee, so for the last 2 days I have had 1T mid-morning and 1T around 4pm. Monday was tough, my stomach was killing me, but I thought it was because I ate some sliced cheese and turkey at a business meeting (the cheese was off-program for me). Yesterday started out fine, even dinner was fine - and much smaller, about 1/2 of what I usually eat, but I had such trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and my stomach hurt again. As I was tossing and turning I thought, I'd rather be hungry than feel like this, but I know that is a bit of a lie. I hate being hungry and that's what I like about the Whole30 - eating to satisfaction. I'm just afraid that my lifetime of dieting has ruined my appetite and metabolism. I rarely get actually full.

      So, today I'm thinking about just having the mid-morning oil shot. I have tons of EVCO, but I'm not sure about my ability to not taste it. Taking the MCT is not very pleasant, but I haven't gagged.

      Oh, btw, I did weigh myself yesterday and I was 189.4, first time under 190 in a while!!


      • Good luck, Goddesslyne. I know how frustrating it is when you do the best you can, and the body just not responding. I hope SL helps you. I can testify that it took me over a month, but the sense of fullness is finally back.I think most people have better success with the light olive oil, so if the MCT doesn't work, don't give up, and just switch the oil.
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        When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


        • Hmmm, well, I don't know what's going on, but something interesting is happening.

          Thought 123lbs was going to be a sticking point, and then day before yesterday I was
          back up to 125 and I thought "welp, here we go. this isn't working either".

          But then last night before bed, I weighed myself and with my huge jeans, two sweatshirts,
          two long sleeved shirts, t-shirt, sports bra, tank top, shoes and underwear. A good 7lbs of
          clothing (even in california I'm freezing, har!) and the scale said 131.

          So 131-7 = 124 and that was with eating food and drinking 96oz of water all day, so, it was
          a bit odd.

          This morning I got on the scale (i weigh every day for trends, no matter how frustrating they
          are at times and put me in a bad mood) and it said 121lbs. What? Even with no, ahem,
          bathroom visit.....

          Course I got on and off a thousand times, moved it to other locations (never go to the second
          location! not even a scale! but it had no choice) and still 121. Hmm.

          The ONLY thing that has been different since Saturday the 16th, is that I have not been able to
          exercise like I normally do.

          Saturday my cousin and I took a 7-8 mile hike, then Sunday the family and I went to the beach
          to look in tide pools and stuff for a couple hours (read: not strenuous), then we watched tv
          the rest of the day.

          The boys are off school this week so no walking back and forth to school, and, well, basically
          not walking at all since they're not old enough to stay home by themselves while I take off.

          And, no gym because I don't want to drag them to go too (though I should, for punishment
          for being jerks to each other 24/7 since Saturday, but whatever).

          I know it's impossible to piss out a couple pounds of muscle in 5 days, and, of course that
          one's weight fluctuates lots during the course of the month (I track, I know, and I know myself),
          but this was just weird.

          So maybe I'm overtraining, or overwalking, or who knows what.

          But what ELSE am I supposed to do with all the energy I have? Clean my house? GOD NO.

          That would be, like, productive or something, and I'm way too selfish for that nonsense.



          • Are... You..... Complaining?
            The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


            • No! Never!

              Just in awe... but not enough to overthink it and ruin it.

              >knocks on wood<

              tra la la la la


              • Yay!!! Go Julie!!!!!!!!!!!

                I just booked an appt. with an acupuncturist. Not sure what that will do, but if it is a blank, I got a recommendation for another holistic doctor here off the net that is supposed to not dismiss thyroid as long as the standard test is in the normal range. Gotta get that avenue of doubt closed off once and for all.
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                When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


                • Hahahahah GOOD. I was about to cyber punch you in the boob.
                  The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


                  • Little win for the day. I have to get up at 230am to get to work by 4am. Typically I am TI-ERRRD by 4pm. But, tonight, it's almost 6 and I feel like I could stay up until 10. Of course, I can't, because I have to get up at 230 again. But, I think I MAY be able to thank taking ELOO. I usually do coconut oil on these early mornings, but, it's a lot easier to take a little vial of olive oil than to take a CHUNK of CO.

                    I was up FOUR pounds this morning, thank you stupid period. Jerk.
                    The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


                    • I decided to do only 1 shot today, at around 10am. We'll see how dinner goes tonight...I think tomorrow I'll try the 10am T and maybe a mid afternoon teaspoon. I think I am just overdoing it with the MCT. I'm sure excited by the possibility of getting this weight off a more natural way! I will grab a bottle of ELOO at TJ's just in case.


                      • So after almost 2 weeks of nothing, I'm down from 158 to 157 which I haven't seen since the fall! Totalling a 4 pound loss so far
                        It took a couple of weeks for AS to kick in on the ELOO, but I think I'm gathering momentum now. Come on, 155!


                        • I'm at 145.6 this morning. Anything starting with 145 is good because it puts me closer to the 143 I hung at last summer. The 152 on January 1 when I started PB was the highest I've been in over a year. I can't do MCT on the weekend because I get sudden cleansing episodes and I hike and walk. This week I've been doing 1/2 T in the morning. Can't today because of all day meeting. Potty is adjacent to meeting room with thin walls. EEK!

                          My calories are around 1200 a day. Sometimes lower. Good ratios of around 65/15/20. Should I lower calories even more?

                          I'm generally hungry in the morning. Decaf w 1T heavy cream at 5:30. MCT at 8:30 and no interest in food until 11. That is NOT me! I'm hanging with this because of the appetite suppression if nothing else.

                          Julie, your 121 is amazing. Can I borrow your young metabolism please? I can drive down and pick it up.


                          • Hi guys! Sorry I've been AWOL! Crazy busy couple of weeks in both job and life realms.

                            Just thought I'd check in and give a status update. I'm currently stuck on a bouncy hover around 152. Goes up as far as 153, goes down as far as 150. However: I've been extremely lax with my oil shots. Completely forget some days... other days only get in 1 oil shot... etc. So, I'm not surprised that the scale isn't moving downward.

                            But, on the flip side, I'm not GAINING. It's been a couple weeks now of basically not doing the SLD protocol (doing it halfway or sometimes doesn't cut it), and I haven't gained at all. So I think my fear of "but what happens when I stop doing the oil shots; will I gain it all back?!" is unfounded. My setpoint appears to be actually altered, for real. Which is awesome.

                            Also, my BF% has continued to drop. I'm now at 152lb, 24% BF. My starting point in early December was 170lb, 29% BF. If you do the math, this also means I've lost about 5lb of muscle, which is an unfortunate consequence of eating at a caloric deficit. My lifts have definitely dipped slightly (most noticeable on deadlift; I've dropped from a max of 210 to a max of 200). Part of me is really, really annoyed at this athletic backsliding, but my cardio endurance hasn't taken the same hit, and has actually increased; and meanwhile, the lower weight due to shedding body fat has enabled me to do more pullups, run faster, etc. So, it's a constant tradeoff. I will admit that the VERY SECOND I reach my BF% goal, I will start eating truckloads of protein again to try to put on muscle mass. It's frustrating to not be making forward progress when everyone else in my xfit classes is PRing every freaking day.

                            Quick rundown of the state of the heatseeker:
                            Starting weight (Dec '12): 170
                            Current weight: 152
                            Goal weight: No clue. I honestly have no idea what the scale will say when I reach the BF% I want. So, I've switched from aiming for a "goal weight" to aiming for a "goal BF%" of 20%.
                            Daily food calories: 1200-1300
                            Daily oil shots: 2tbsp ELOO, taken in two doses throughout the day (started back on the protocol for real today)
                            Daily macro breakdown: I average around 65g carbs, 80g fat, and anywhere from 100-120g protein. I try to keep my carbs above 50g because otherwise my workouts suffer.
                            Food timing: I work out fasted with BCAAs at 9am, then have whey protein in water at 10:30ish, then an oil shot at 11:30-12, big lunch at 2, oil at 4, big dinner at 6-7pm.
                            Workout schedule: Crossfit 3x/wk @8:30am, lifting class 2x/wk @9am, extra lifting sessions two Sundays a month @10am. Plus extra daily stuff like yoga and walking my dogs but I don't really consider those workouts.

                            Feel free to holler any questions you have at me--I'll try to check in with this thread more. Everyone's progress is awesome! I'm so glad this is working for other people out there! It certainly was the silver bullet for me.
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                            • Originally posted by Leida View Post

                              I just booked an appt. with an acupuncturist. Not sure what that will do, but if it is a blank, I got a recommendation for another holistic doctor here off the net that is supposed to not dismiss thyroid as long as the standard test is in the normal range. Gotta get that avenue of doubt closed off once and for all.
                              I'll be curious to hear how things go with the acupuncturist, and with the holistic doctor, if it comes to that. I also recently ruled out thyroid. I went to an integrated medical doctor who specializes in thyroid and hormones and he ran a huge battery of tests, which was great. My T3 was in the normal range, but on the low end, but he wanted to address some other issues first to see if they were affecting my T3 before considering supplementing with some natural thyroid medication.
                              I've gone about as far with him as I can and my next step will be to go to an FDN (functional diagnostic nutrition) practitioner. Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness is FDN certified, and he did a YouTube series about it with Reed Davis, the founder. It seemed to me like that was the kind of person I needed to help me figure my shit out! I found a holistic center with an FDN practitioner not too far away from me. I'm sure they're pricey, just like the integrated doc, but I've tried every other path I can think of at this point.

                              As for closing off avenues of doubt, I just ordered Array 2 from Cyrex Labs, which tests for leaky gut, which both my integrative doc and I assumed I had. I read everything I could on how to heal leaky gut and implemented numerous strategies. But after weeks of doing everything right, my symptoms didn't improve at all. I want to know for sure if I can rule it out or not.


                              • Wonderful schedule, Heartseeker. You have a great body comp! For a while I had a BF% goal as well, but it is so iffy, I dropped it. I just don't want any goals no more. Just want to do well, is all.

                                Happy paleo Girl, I am keeping fingers crossed that you find your answers. Your troubles are far worse than mine, I just get a weight gain, no biggie, really.

                                And, folks, some of you gotta hate me, but I am constipated with religiously taking 2 TBSP of oil per day. Honestly, I can just put my hands to the side and shrug in bewilderment. Weight is up again, an odd week with a holiday, odd schedule after that, not much chance of additional cardio & took a bona fide rest day on Wednesday (like just walking and not much of that either.)
                                Skating also closed downtown, so I ran yesterday, I thought i would be winded, but I was good for 30 min jog.
                                Today posted X-fit Workout of the Day is insane, basically row a click, 50 push-ups, run a click, 50 pull-ups, repeat 3 times... My gym is not set up for it, and neither I can do anywhere near 50 pull-ups, even on the assisted rig, so I am breaking into 2 workouts. At lunch I would run 7-8 min, then drop into 50 push-ups (off the knees) 3x. And, while my baby is in her basketball class I would row 3 clicks and then go on the assisted rig and try to do pull-ups. Alternatively I can do OHP with a super-light bar 50 times over the rower.... gotta ask, I suppose.
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                                When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.