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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • Yes no butter. However, I just made ghee..I like it so much that I make ghee even when I am not on a W30.

    Calee, the porcine seems like a good option for you. They specically have it for people who are sensitive to beef. Like HM said, maybe try to have lamb more often.

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    • Yes, the W30 is/was to start on the 14th of October, however, Lee and I were discussing that if we
      were still happy with the way we were eating now and seeing positive aspects from eating as such, then
      we either would or wouldn't do the W30 starting on that date.

      That lead me to believe that perhaps it wasn't on since she and I were both in a good place right now, but
      it can go either way!

      Heck, if anyone wants to throw one up before that time, go for it, then if any of us want to join in whenever,
      we sure can.

      I just didn't think it should be journaled in here. Heck, half the stuff we talk about shouldn't be in here.

      Not that *I* care, but yanno, people coming in here to see what SLD is about probably note the train
      wreck it is starting about 20 pages back that ain't nuttin' to do with SLD.

      Maybe we should all pic a fun title in the journal section and talk in that instead. Dunno.

      With regard to the W30, I may or may not join in. I mean, I just bought that 1/2 gallon of cream
      yesterday cuz I thought we weren't going to do it...... sooooo.

      We'll see what happens on the 14th though. And like I said, if you guys want to and want to before
      that, go ahead! Totally! I will bombard any thread y'all put up. CANT STOP ME. Muhuwhahahahahahaha!



      • I'm not a good journal person. I start feeling obligated. I am speaking of my own W30 daily journal.

        I thought that while we talk about other things..we stuck to the SLD.There were people who drift in and out and we did drift into Peatism. I am still doing the oil shots no matter what food I am eating. I don't remember the SLD following types of food guidelines, but I could totally have forgotten that part. I should read the book again.

        I didn't realize you guys had changed your minds. I actually am going to simply give up dairy and chocolate and see if my itchy bumps go away.

        How about this..someone start a thread over in Odds and Ends? The conversation could go anywhere and this could go back to SLD.

        You guys just tell me what to do because I follow orders well..oh wait..maybe that's not me.

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        • Oh I'm not for shizzle that Lee doesn't for surely sure NOT do the W30, she was just saying
          that whatever she was doing now was working for her, so maaaaaybe she wouldn't want to.

          I still say we do something in the journal section. Odds and Ends is too busy.

          I'm not dedicated enough to have one myself either, but we can make up a name for one
          where we can all hang. And if it starts harboring crickets later on, who cares.

          We could call it "A Little Bit of Everything + Challenges" or something lame like that... so us
          people on here who are in love can still congregate. Snarf.

          Or, well, we just keep it all in here since we're the only ones frequenting this thread anymore anyway.


          Worked too much in the 3rd grade class today.


          Kill me now.


          • Lol on the brain dead thing.

            Well whatever everyone wants to do. I like the title you came up with.

            Lee, HotMail and anyone else..chime in.

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            • I still wanna do a 30 because I am thinking about excuses why I don't need/want to do it. Thatbsaid, I'm going to gelatin and eat cottage cheese and less meat and see how I feel. The 14th is still very much on my radar.

              I had oil today. I'm SLD!

              My eyes hurt from sitting in the 3rd row in the dang movies tonight. Head hurts. Will write tomorrow.


              • Hey, still having my oil, I went out with work peeps last night, had only 2 glasses of wine and that really made me feel horrible unline the wine I had in France.. bleh no wonder I gave the wine before, even walking in the wine isles in the supermarkets gave me a headache lol!

                I would also agree on combined thread, we used to have one on the another old forum called 'Stall Breakers' where the girls used to talk about lots of stuff and do lots of different challenges.


                • Oh Calee, be careful with the eyes thing if its relating to your eating? Check your food and if you are short of any vitamins, I had issues with my eyes last time I was VLC ...


                  • Thanks for the eyes tip hots. I think it was just from forking my neck to watch the movie last night from the third row. I saw a sneak peak of the new James Gandolfini film last night. I really enjoyed it. It must be the start of the Oscar race because I saw three good films this week.

                    I like a mishmash thread where we can just blather on about food, life and what works etc.

                    In the last month I've gotten into having a glass of red wine once a week. It was so good in Europe. I realized going to sleep last night that W30 is no wine. I think it's because I'm going out with a guy that has an occasional drink when we are out to dinner. Funny how little attachments form. But I want one glass of wine each week. I want that occasionally square of dark chocolate or that goat cheese on my salad. Yeah right, all good reasons to let it all go for 30.

                    I had a sip of MCT this morning. Now working on decaf with a packet of gelatin. I ordered the Porcine and tuhe green can yesterday.

                    Hots, sorry the wine made you feel bad.


                    • Thanks Lee are other fermented food not allowed on W30 or just wine?


                      • Hi there!

                        I've been lurking for a while, and even did SLD, but the oil shots started giving me acid reflux, so I haven't done them in a while, but I love listening to y'all's conversation.

                        I'm in the middle of a Whole60 right now (but for various reasons, I'm thinking of making it a whole30 and really concentrating on reintroducing things).

                        You can have Kombucha on a Whole30. You can't have 1) Dairy 2) Grains (including corn and peas) 3) Alcohol (of any kind, including cooking with it or extracts) 4) Sugar (of any kind, real or fake) 5) Legumes (beans, peanuts, lentils) and 6) "Bad" Fats - most seed fats, basically anything except olive, avo, macadamia and coconut oil + ghee/clarified dairy and other animal fats (lard, etc)

                        Whew! I have lost almost 9 pounds in 23 days, although half of that is water weight, I'm sure...


                        • That being said - has anyone else experienced gastric reflux while taking shots?


                          • Yes maigrey I had reflux when I first started, lower your dose until you are comfortable, then increase it slowly see how that works.


                            • Calee sounds like we're doing the same 30 day challenge (I think we need a name other than W30). I'll be doing cottage cheese and gelatin and oil. Cutting down on fruit for now. I may try a proper Peat down the road. I felt horrible yesterday. I didn't notice it because I wasn't hungry, but way underate. I was playing Peat, but not doing it right.

                              After 6 proper W30s and one being a W100, I can do them in my sleep, but I am enjoying flexibility right now.

                              Still really enjoying my oil shot/gelatin coffee. Creamy and nice. Need to stock up on CC, smoked clams and oysters today.

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                              • Maigrey, I only have trouble with coconut oil or MTC oil, but I think I started my doses at a tsp at first with extra light olive oil and worked up.

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