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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • OG, throng think. My iPad has incredible intuitive powers. Jooolia, you got your rain!

    I think I need to be thrown out of Shangri La. At least until I finish the book and become convinced that the oil will work for me. I think belief is really important in visualizing success. The days I had coco oil last week, my tummy was upset and bloated. Mayb it's that readjustment period but I get impatient. I don know if I will do shots with W30.

    Yesterday I ate freely of grapes, figs, a bit of cheese, a goat cheese/ beet salad, 1 piece of organic fried chicken at a restaurant, a bite of non mayo potato salad, bite of collards (Caribbean restaurant), 1 shared entree between 3 of us, so small portions. Came home to more grapes. BAM! The scale is down this morning. While bacon is my favorite food, I do great with cheese and fruit. Can you tell I've been reading Peat?

    I added 1/2 packet of gelatin to my decaf & HnH this morning. So much easier to me than oil. I can't however bring myself to add sugar to decaf. blech!

    Two pounds and I'm at my lowest set point. It's where I was in 1974 after losing 30 pounds, before gaining over 100 pound. I honestly don't know if I can get it lower. I'll be 63 in a couple weeks. Maybe this is as good as it gets and I focus on maintaining and getting as strong and healthy as possible?

    Sorry for the morning ramble. Off to walk my 5k, then play with friends.

    Have a fun day!


    • Calee, I do live in Europe (UK) but same here re the wine and gluten, still bad, I didn't dare eat gluten this time when I went to France, but last year when I went across the channel I had croissant and pastries, and had no bloating/sickness, but still wasn't sure about its effect on my skin, and of course the weight gain is universal.

      Oh I had borage/starflower oil today for a change, OMFG I had the mother of all headaches/migraine... I had the same experience when I first tried coconut oil years ago...


      • Off to google what borage/starflower are.

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        • Calee..CO is 93% MTC. I have to start with ELOO if I have been away. nutrition. I like fruit, gelatin and oil. And lamb. And smoked clams.

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          • Calee I have seen photos of you. You are tiny. 63 or 23..I think your weight is good. We have distorted views of ourselves.

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            • I guess I've been eating Peat and didn't even know it.

              Honestly, at this point, I'm just going to eat Real Food and not give 6 shits
              about the macros, combinations or anything else.

              Lee! Do what you gotta do, but you're NEVER getting rid of ANY of us.

              It'll be nice when we start up our W30 thread, that way OG and everyone else
              can visit us, even if they're not doing a W30, and we can continue to use that
              thread to talk about everything related to and NOT related to W30 if we wanna.

              I don't have a journal, so I need to blither on SOMEWHERE, and I need you, and OG
              and all our other friends too. So that'll have to be the plan!

              If it gets derailed from 100% W30, not a problem. We can all use it as our secret/secret


              p.s. *i* have never seen photos of you, and now i'm off to slit my wrists for feeling left out.



              • Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
                Calee I have seen photos of you. You are tiny. 63 or 23..I think your weight is good. We have distorted views of ourselves.

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                Thanks for that lovely compliment OG. At 5'4", I still have a lot of fluff. I think that having been over 100 pounds overweight, it's a different mental thing or fer of the fat coming back. I am delighted where I am and if I stayed here foreveri would be thrilled, well, 2-3 pounds less thrilled. It's that cushion of a few pounds up for holidays, vacations and still be in a feel great place where my jeans are perfect.

                Joooolia, I posted a pic in my W30 journal back in June. Hey Julia, I was cleaning out old bookmarks while wtchingbthevEmmy's last week. One opened to my journal over at ZC. There you were in 2009 arranging for us to meet 1/2 way between Oaktown and San Jose for a steak dinner. Funny to be in Shangri La together in 2013. This healthy food world truly is small eh? Hotmail, who were you over there?

                I threw all caution to the wind this weekend. Ate anything I wanted but the noticeable difference were a few handfuls of grapes and a basket of figs. Cover your eyes, yesterday I went to a specific movie theatre because they put real butter on the popcorn. Its also a theatre i can walk to. I ate popcorn and figs for dinner. Very little meat in comparison to W30. Scale is down 1.5 pounds from Friday.

                Definitely a shared journal. But I have to say, I am loving how I'm eating right now. Maybe I should add an avocado oil shot this morning since I'm posting in Shangri La.

                This is my second morning adding 1/2 packet of gelatin to my decaf.


                • Beatrice, make her post a photo. She was wearing cute jeans and a hot leather jacket.

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                  • I will definitely stalk the two of you in your shared journal. I'm kind of laughing though..are you guys doing a w30? Peaty W30? SLD W30?

                    Love a theater that has real buttered popcorn. Landmark Theater in Hillcrest in San Diego uses real butter and lots of fun toppings. We saw Silver Lining Playbook..real butter, parm and pepper.

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                    • Oh GOSH, are you sure it was ME trying to set it up?

                      I'm so comfortable in my .5 mile radius, - it doesn't sound like something I'd
                      be setting up.

                      But I was on that website!

                      And hey, with regard to the W30 - let's just see how we feel when 10/14 rolls around.

                      If the W30 still sounds good, we'll do it, but if we're both having a great time and feeling
                      fantastic with the way we're eating now, then we won't!




                      • Easy! I love it! We will do whatever feels right on 10/14.

                        Gelatin is so much easier for me than OIL!

                        I'm allergic to oranges so not drinking OJ. Haven't had a glass of milk since I went vegan in 1989 for 9 years.

                        Yes, you were on ZC and nobody else turns a phrase quite like you. It was several years ago do perhaps you were more adventurous back in 2009.


                        • There was all these meetups on ZC being arranged, but don't think Julia was arranging any of them.

                          Someone stole my usual net name, so like a phoenix I came up with a new one, born again !! Only my plan is all over the place, one month I am doing loads of veg, low fat, the next month am doing high fat ZC …. so am sort of cycling.. at this point am not convinced any plan is for life really... perhaps the 80/20 rule is the best.

                          I am not having a huge success at most plans nowadays, I think getting older, and changes in the hormones causing it.. but hey, am liking having targets and challenges lol.
                          What's the W30 exactly (sorry too short of time to go and read loads about it)


                          • So two got together for a steak or just talked about it?

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                            • Oh man its so easy to stick to my diet if I am off work - when am in the office its so hard, first the sitting down all day and boredom factor, second, every day we have someone bringing some treats (cakes and sweets into the office) ...bah humbug !!


                              • I like the gelatin part of Peat. And watermelon and smoked clams. I have access to raw milk from grass fed Jersey cows. I have not tried it yet. It is the same place that I get my eggs and pastured chickens from. They even have chocolate milk. I may have to try it.

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