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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • Yes! I need cliff notes as well. I know I need 'a PLAN'. I thrive on a structure that says. THIS is ok, THIS is not. I know that in the US, flour is way less than optimal. Dairy, dark chocolate, fruit... No problem.

    So what does Peat say?


    • I'm the newbie over in Peatland Here are some sites that summarize better than me:

      The Peat-atarian Diet For Those Of Us With Average IQs
      Ray Peat Eating Guidelines : Semi Low-Carb Plans : Active Low-Carber Forums

      Here is what I have done, which may or may not be correct:

      - GREATLY increased my fruit intake. Which wasn't hard since it was basically zero! And not just berries. Things like grapes and clementines and mango. I eat a lot of raisins too.
      - add sugar to my coffee
      - add gelatin packets to coffee/hot chocolate
      - drink skim milk
      - eat a lot of cheese - trying to go for lower fat choices (but not ones with weird ingredients - just cheeses made with part skim - Jarlsberg light, part skim mozzarella, cottage cheese (1%)
      - eat much less meat and when I eat muscle meat (which is most of what I have) I try to have a gelatin packet mixed into something with it
      - drink OJ mixed with seltzer
      - salt my food even more than I used to (and add it to things like hot chocolate, vanilla ice cream <-- just a pinch )
      - eat oysters once a week
      - eat more fish
      - have more homemade bone broth

      There is a journal thread where people listed some daily menus. Might be worth checking out.

      There is lots of stuff with supplements. I haven't gone down that route yet and have no summary/advice for that. Lots of stuff with calcium/phosphorus ratios and other things I won't even pretend to understand.

      Overall, the wackiest part of all this for me is that when I log my food in cronometer I meet the "nutritional goals" (RDA I assume) with such limited menus! For example, today I have eaten: coffee, milk, sugar, gelatin, grapes, dried mango, jarlsberg light, small amount of Comte cheese, and some flounder and have met 80% of my nutritional requirements. Its like all that stuff about "needing" veggies was wrong!


      • I'm glad someone else answered because I would have had a hard time doing it.

        The only things I am doing are way more fruit than I ever have. That is more because I am trying to eat local and in season and Hermiston watermelons are amazing. I have had very few veggies. I did make a massaged kale salad the other day. I doubt I will eat much fruit during winter. I am happily putting a tsp of sugar and a tbs of half and half in my iced coffee. Not sure why I had to wait for Ray Peat to okay it. I am also eating less meat, more bone broth and 2 tbs of great lakes gelatin which is the protein content of two eggs. Loving smoked oysters and smoked clams right now. Still will stick with the SLD shots which is why I feel nutritionally bipolar.

        There is a nifty Ray Peat pie graph hanging around here somewhere.

        So in carbs are up but probably not by much and I would guess my calories may be down. I havent counted anything since I did Medifast years ago, but I may put a typical day in fit day out of curiosity. I dont want to lose weight, but my shorts felt looser today.

        And now for your enjoyment...a picture of the produce dept at the store across the stree. :0)

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        • I just read the peat for dummies and it explains it really well. One thing I have noticed is that I am sleeping really well. I have been a poor sleeper forever.

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          • I will get on the reading. Thanks for the links.

            OG, gorgeous picture!


            • Please dont think I am promoting Peat over W30. I am not!! I just embrace a couple of things which leaves me out of the true W30 realm. I would do a W30 with you guys though just to be part of an awesome group.

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              • Don't worry OG, we wouldn't ditch you no matter WHAT or HOW you choose to eat.

                We're all in it together to figure out what works best for all of us! RARRRR!

                And besides, you WISH you could get rid of us. NOT A CHANCE.


                I haven't had time to read any of the Peat stuff yet, but I DID put REAL sugar in my coffee
                this morning instead of splenda and it was farking tasty.

                Didn't even need very much either.

                No blood sugar swings either. I only put 10g in though, which is less than 2 teaspoons.

                I'm not going to start drinking OJ any time soon because I think that's the ONLY THING
                on the planet that gives me heartburn, but I *have* been eating a lot of delicious grapes
                and apples lately.

                I'm still going to do my oil shots during the Whole30, mainly because I think it really
                does something for me. Not quite sure what besides the appetite suppression, but
                I just feel good doing it.

                That said, I do think that for whomever is going to start the whole30 on the 14th, we should
                put it in the journal section instead of blabbering on about it in here. But of course STILL come
                here with SLD news of course.

                I haven't weighed myself in a bit now. Over 2 weeks I'm pretty sure, but I know that SLD is still
                working because I have some underwear and tank tops that used to, um, not fit...and now they
                fit perfectly.

                I'm personally not doing the W30 to lose weight or anything, I just want to see, after the 30 days,
                what I might have reactions to.

                A few weeks ago I had a bowl of dry cheerios and OMG, the biggest stomach ache EVER. Hasn't ever
                happened before, so coulda been a fluke, but weird shit like that I need to figure out.

                I just really want a full month of OPTIMAL NUTRITION >insert echo here< and see if I feel

                We shall see!

                I feel fabulous now, but just wanna see if there's a difference.

                I really do feel that if you feed your body food with vitamins and minerals, you don't need
                as MUCH of the food to feel full.

                And now *I* am blithering on as usual.

                Sorry. The Man Unit is out front with HIS KIDS and I am free, free, free!



                • Dear Beletha,

                  So glad you wont ditch me. I am SO supportive of your first W30. You will learn a lot. It will be as clarifying as RM's a different way.

                  Okay so will you and Calee have a joint W30 journal or separate ones?

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                  • Also..I agree about the oil shots. I like them. Keeping them.

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                    • Just wanted to chime in with a little advice I got when transitioning from a higher fat and protein and lower carb diet to a more Peat inspired diet- MIND THE FATS. Like, if you're trying to reduce, 40 G a day. And pretty much unlimited fruits. I don't know much about the oil shots you guys do, but my MCT oil is 23 g a tablespoon. Eep! And PUFA is to be avoided rigorously as well, for the real hormonal magic to happen if I understand correctly. I know peats articles are a real drag to get through so I just thought I'd share the little bit that I know about it. I have incredible energy and deep sleep, and no energy crashes or constant need to eat as I had feared would happen by eating sugar. Hope I'm not overstepping anyone's boundaries here.


                      • Mo, I actually was going to invite you to give your input..but you know..our history and all. B-) Glad you stopped by.

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                        • Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

                          Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
                          Mo, I actually was going to invite you to give your input..but you know..our history and all.

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                          Lol, you mean that time you made fun of me for getting interested in Peat? I don't care about that. It has helped me a lot. And when I first started reading it I was like "this food sounds weird" and "sugar is poison" and "I'll get fat!" and Susan you know very well the kind of advice and influence there was coming from w30, where people are told not to eat dates if they want to lose weight and to eat more avocados. Even though I gained fat on a paleo diet it was still hard for me to experiment with such a seemingly contrary plan. Now that I'm doing it though I'm surprised how many of meals are w30 or primal approved (ingredients wise, not macros). I put my 2 cents in about the fat because recently during a very stressful time I found it in unappealing to keep my fat and protein lower plus I was eating fruit and drinking oj so I did plump up a little. Despite that, I have made tangible strength gains. I'm waiting for the metabolic shift that occurs when you have more muscle mass, it's almost like fat just melts off.


                          • I made fun of you? I don't remember that but I suppose it is very possible. I'm sure you have a screenshot. :-! I am not 100% sold on Peat, but I do like some of his ideas for sure.

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                            • And yes Beatrice and Calee, my real name is Susan..not OG. Thanks Mo.

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                              • Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
                                And yes Beatrice and Calee, my real name is Susan..not OG. Thanks Mo.

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                                Calee would have known that already right?