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  • Calee, I am the worst person at jet lag in the entire world. When I was working, I had to travel to Texas to our corporate office quarterly. 2 hour time difference and I was a mess.

    I was pretty primal if not W30 on my trip with a few exceptions. Fish and chips in London were a must and I had them twice a day. Also, burger with a bun at the Damn Yankee..had to. Oh, also Yorkshire pudding with prime rib a few times. Another must.

    Did I see you are doing a W30 in Oct? I may join you. I like a good reset before the holidays. Will you do a SLD version?

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    • Yes, I would do a SLD version if you want to! I am away the first week of October. Joolia wants to start on the 14th. That would take us right up to Thanksgiving.


      • I am with you.

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        • Originally posted by calee View Post
          My trip was fantastic. Some parts were emotionally difficult as my mom is from Poland and escaped on the last boat to leave in 1939. Zach and I always have an incredible time together. He knows me better than anyone else does so there is no facade etc. very easy to be together. The jet lag is killing me. It was easy going to Berlin but the 20 hours of traveling time coming home was tough. I was at work from 6-3 on Thursday and Friday.

          I drank several espresso each day while away. Following pretty clean eating prior to trip, then indulging in non Paleo eating while away has really shown me how I react to less than optimal eating. I also didn't sleep near enough while away. Too many things to see and do along with th 9 hour time difference. You get that part!

          So today I'm detoxing from caffeine and flour as well as sugar. I made a double batch or Paleo Chocolate Chili this morning. WF had GF beef on sale yesterday. Trying to keep it really simple.
          Hi there Calee, your family history sounds amazing, and you're mother a courageous and strong lady. I started researching my own roots and have so many names and stories to research. I found out my grandmother was a nurse in WW2 and I have civil war vets in my line. I've been to busy to go into depth but I'm always inspired by great things people do to change the trajectory for their family. Anyway, I find coffee when taken without sugar curbs the appetite for sweets and grains. I hope you reach you're goals in your own way; have you tried green tea?? Great tea is fantastic but if its caffeine your worried about other than carob root can't imagine what you'll do. Good luck whatever you decide!!!


          • Hi Ariana,

            Digging into my roots has been important to me. My son is currently writing a screenplay about WWII that has taught him a lot about th war. This trip was important to do together.

            I've been drinking decaf coffee since January 1st. I was drinking some with caffeine until I did my Whole 30. The detox is always difficult for me. I wish I were a fan of green tea but not do much. I can enjoy a good organic jasmine tea but in the morning, i love the taste of decaf coffee.


            • after a weekend of caffeinated coffee detox, I woke Monday morning feeling like myself again. Resisted all grains and ate good quality food. Sleep is improving as my body moves back to the continent. Slept until 4 this morning. Went back to Pilates Reformer yesterday. Felt like day one all over again. Will go again today.

              Took my first coconut oil shop yesterday morning. Still had a hungry day but I know it takes awhile. Forgot evening shot. Need to establish a routine. More I need to ingrain a belief into my head that shots will be effective. Without the belief, it's just added calories for me. I think the mind/body connection is powerful.

              Vacation weight gain is gone, plus a bit. Still 2 pounds to get to my post Whole experience weight. I want that, or below as my current set point.

              How you all?


              • Hi Kids!

                Lee, sounds like everything has fallen into place, poundage wise, so that's good!

                Yeah, I hear you on trying to really focus and BELIEVE that the shots are working... otherwise,
                if I'm not overexercising, doing low carb, or starving to death, then SOMETHING has to be
                the reason for whatever happens.

                I've still been doing my shots and haven't had a junk fest since the last one a few weeks ago.

                Plan to do it up RIGHT though, before the Whole30.

                Did you guys read the book? It Starts With Food?

                I've been putting it off for a year because everyone was going on and on about how greeeeeat
                it was and blah, blah, blah. Too much fanfare turns me off, so I didn't want to read it.

                But I'm childish and irreverent like that, so, anyway, I read it and LOVED IT. 8 holds on it
                at the lie-barry. That part sucked. But I read it with gusto, and when we're more flush, I'm
                BUYING IT and tossing out EVERY SINGLE OTHER NUTRITION BOOK I OWN. Which, is like, um

                So there.

                Anyway, so with regard to the Whole30, I'm doing it totally strict as they write it.. with the exception
                of grass fed everything, cuz that's not going to fly around here. But the rest of it, hells to the yes.

                Even the whole thing about eating within an hour of waking.... or was it a half hour.

                They said that you CAN NOT have coffee first. If you drink coffee first thing, too bad so sad. Eat instead
                and then have your coffee later.

                That's gonna be rough, along with no cream or milk, but I do like the coconut milk, so we'll see if I don't
                die within 30 days.

                Also no measuring food., that'll be hard. I weigh everything. Even the cream and milk in my coffee, but, I've
                been practicing this week not weighing any food and not LOGGING ANY FOOD into my fitbit database either.

                VERY HARD! I've been doing it for 20yrs, so, wow, may implode.

                No weighing your person either, but that'll be easy.

                I'll weigh the day before and take some measurements and then see what happens by Nov. 15th.

                Okay, welp, gotta take Thing One to the dentist now for a checkup.

                Don't be jealous.


                p.s. did you guys see that we have mods now? wow, ten years later - what a concept!! everything
                is going to be VERY NICE around here, FINALLY. no more shitstorms of stupidness!


                • Welcome back to Shangri Lala Joolia. Yes, I read the book. My library didn't have it so I ordered it. I was probably a week in before I started reading. I missed that about food first then coffee. I know you will micromanage for me. YAY! I learned to drink black coffee. Could not stomach coconut anything in coffee. I'd rather espresso than add stuff. I will do it on decaf or nothing. After Europe detox don't really want caffiene detox again though I will most likely end up with some coffee while at Marco Island work shindig. Are we starting October 14th? That's a Monday post both our birthdays. I'm ready. I feel so much better on Whole than off, but I'd better kick my 2 squares of dark chocolate habit that I picked up in Europe.

                  I made Paleo Chocolate Chili. I fear it may be the cause of my being 6 months pregnant with a basketball. I'd like to cry. That was my food supply for the next two weeks.

                  Yeah, I hear ya on all grass fed. I do the best I can. Do you get Mary's Chicken in your area? Costco GF ground beef used to taste like crap. I wonder if they got a new supplier.

                  Any good meat recommendations out there? Anything at Costco or Trader J's?

                  Back to work, playtime is over.


                  • Who's the mods??


                    • Hi everbody. I'm here but have been a little bi-polar as far as nutrition goes. I thought long and hard and read a lot on Peat threads. I know..shocker. A lot I won't do. In fact, my two good takeaways were eating more fruit and drinking green can gelatin in my coffee and bone broth. I have been able to cut down on meat consumption and took a little break on veggies and ate lots of local watermelon. I have felt so light and good. Fruit season is super close to over here.

                      So basically, still doing 3 oil shots a day. Probably half a TBS each dose. I probably will stick with seasonal and as local with my fruits (in season) and veggies. Eggs once a day and a delightful hunk of meat and veggies for dinner.

                      This long story is me saying I probably won't W30, but I will so be cheering you guys on. I probably eat 90-95% W30 as it is. The fruit thing was probably within the guidelines. So the oil shots and gelatin so less meat isn't. I've done 6 successful W30s and my last was a W100 so it's second nature to me. I hope you guys stay here because I'll be lonely without you guys.

                      Yes..I have had the book ISWF both in hard copy (so I can lend it out) and on my Kindle so I can win arguments for a couple of years. ;0)

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                      • Oh I am a REALLY GOOD micro manager! BRING IT ON. You don't skeer me.

                        But if you mess up, then you'll have to start ALL OVER. Hi.

                        Yes, Monday the 14th of October. IN!

                        I'm wondering if the Whole30 will make ME feel any different.

                        I mean, I don't feel "great" when I eat candy and cookies for 4 days straight, but I don't
                        feel like shit either, so, whatever. I *do* have a stomach of steel though. I do know that
                        wheat makes me stuffed up and wheezy. But not enough to whine about or anything.

                        Should be an interesting experiment. Glad I'm off the booze. That woulda been rough trying
                        to stop that too.

                        I don't have any good meat recommendations. I just eat the regular stuff. The Cheap Ass Regular Stuff.

                        If our refinance goes through (should know this week) I may TRY some grass fed stuff. Maybe. Tried some
                        organic chicken once from Whole Foods about 10 years ago and hated it. It was weird, but I guess I'm just too
                        used to the crap, so, whatever.

                        Oh no! Sorry about the chili! Maybe if you just keep eating it, and wear sweats, you'll be able to get
                        through the bloat.

                        No clue who the moderators are, but I see their locked thread things at the top of each forum page, and they
                        have backhanded some usual offenders by closing their threads when they start fighting over the Same Stupid
                        Shit. Carbs, Sugar, Low Carb and High Carb. FFS, give it a rest. Can't everyone just eat the way they want and
                        leave everyone else alone? Sigh.


                        • Originally posted by calee View Post
                          Who's the mods??
                          Calee, it says Admin as their username. A few threads got very horrid. Name calling and ageism and more. Admin posted in every forum to quit it.

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                          • OG, I think that the thing with food is that we have to find our own path. It sounds like you're doing what works for you. No downside to that! I too have been eating more fruit right now and love it. Joolia manager and I will be just fine on our own. She'll love bossing me around.

                            Can you tell me more about Ray Peat?

                            I feel outrageously crappy. Funny because I felt great on my trip. The days I've had 1 shot of oil I've felt dreadful. Bloated, distended tummy. Lots of gas etc. I think today, 1/2 shot this morning and clean food and see how I feel. Maybe it's the oil, not the chili that made me feel bad. I also had a bit of wheat each day so have to cut that. Oy, what a mess my tummy is in. I think that what I've heard from European friends is true, our wheat is different and causes lots of problems. I never got bloated in Europe.

                            Happy Thursday. I'm looking forward to a good Primal day with a Pilates Reformer class at 4PM.


                            • Holy moly, Ray Peat is catching on over here too Crazy!

                              I've been doing it and have been toying with adding back in shots too... but like Calee said the belief that the shots are "useful" and not "excess calories that cause stress" is really important... and I'm not sure I'm there. So for now I look at my bottle of CO and think, "eh, maybe tomorrow". RP is a big fan of coconut oil though. So that part will be easy for you guys!

                              My own, unsolicited view of RP, holy moly I love it. All the foods I've restricted for as long as I can remember - fruit, cheese, dairy, SUGAR!!! are all ok now. Better than ok! And coffee is good too! Yipee! Some of the satisfaction of eating this way may be seasonal - who says "no" to fruit in the summer?! I put on a few lbs at the start - likely glycogen + water due to not being chronically low carb. But surprisingly enough... despite eating 2200-2500 cals most day I *finally* seem to have leveled out about 2 lbs higher than low carb (which seems reasonable just for glycogen repletion). It has helped immensely with my bingeing too. I have to look back to see the last time I binged... I may be going on a month. That is CRAZY for me.

                              Have fun catching up on all the new reading to do - you will need a few rainy days


                              • Yeah, is there anyway that gives the cliff's notes of ray peat's philosophy?