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  • Originally posted by calee View Post
    Pony, I love your story too! Maybe I still can have hope!
    Not to get too far off topic here, but I would definitely try Match or Chemistry or both. Chemistry had these dumb little games you could play to get to know each other and we had a lot of fun doing them. Create an accurate profile of yourself, with a picture (guys have to see one), and see what happens. I would have never met my husband if I hadn't done it that way. There's just no way. And I actually met my ex-fiance that way too (and in all honesty, there were some red flags when we met and I hoped they would go away--much to my peril).

    Sorry for going off topic, but anyway, try it--it's pretty fun and you'll end up chatting or emailing a bunch of guys even if it turns out you don't want to meet them, but it's still active and fun. Then there will be some that will interest you enough that you will want to meet them, and there's a good chance you will meet someone that you click with (and maybe REALLY click with!). The first time my husband and I talked on the phone, we were on the phone for two hours!! It was pretty magical.....for a couple of 48 year olds!! I have heard of many people meeting their husbands that way--every time I tell my story, the other person has an example of someone they heard about meeting their husband or wife on Match or whatever.
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    • Originally posted by calee View Post
      Pony, I'm doing two shots a day. I used to take one at 6:30 before going to work, but I think I need to do it later in the morning, then the second one late afternoon instead of bedtime. My resistance is having t o do them in the office rather than at home. I do coconut oil. I put it in a shot glass and put in the micro of 29 seconds then just down it and plug my nose. You did great with the cookies. Bravo!
      Well, something to consider about oil timing is doing the oil on an empty stomach. I have found that the couple days that I did do it first thing in the morning, I had some loose bowels, so there's that. When I take it an hour after eating, I don't have that issue at all. I was on the SLD forum last night and someone did have this exact question, about taking one 2 TBSP shot once a day instead of two 1TBSP shots 2xD and they said it didn't matter.

      It is getting easier to have that 2 hr window in the afternoon actually, but today being a work day and me usually being snacky, we'll see how today is. I do find it much easier on the weekends to avoid the snacking......


      • Hey all thought I better pop round to say hi, its been very hard with my brother/SIL and family staying with us, all sugar addicts!! So been breaking some rules, and avoiding the scale, however from clothes fit don’t think am doing badly, even though I stopped for a bit.

        I started a gain a few weeks ago drinking clod press Black seed oil (Nigella sativa) mainly because it has some amazing amazing health benefits, I want to experiment with it for a month as see if it clears my eczema and gut issues. According to some clinical trials it works same as or better than the same meds given for such cases.
        Down side, the taste is very very strong, even if I pinch my nose, drink water and breath out for a few minutes.. need to find a way to have it tasteless and the at the moment haven’t succeeded, but as the flavour is very new to me, am hoping its Ok for a bit. And at the end of the day the experiment is very important to me. At the same time, I am eating meat and a bit of white rice Strictly no dairy strictly no glutin… (ha sounds strong, this is the plan in theory, my SIL always leading me down the wrong paths when she is around  )

        In any case am very excited about the new oil, I do hope it works for the stuff I need it to work for!


        • Hotmail have you tried swimmers nose plugs? They kind of hurt but they really work. Very inexpensive too.

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          • Hi Ladies-
            I'm thinking of backing off of the oil for a bit. Not b/c it isn't working or I don't believe in it, but b/c I am having trouble fitting it into the macros for muscle building. At the urging of my trainer I am going to increase my protein intake to 35-38% of calories. Just to stay in my caloric range, I'm going to have to reduce fat b/c my carb intake is already fairly low and made up almost exclusively of veggies & occasional fruit in season. I think I just need to get past this hurdle of exchanging additional body fat for muscle. It is a slower than I would like process, which is why he's suggesting the uptake in protein, but I think once I've made some progress on that front I will be able to focus on lowering my setpoint again. Anyway, I'll stop back in the check on you all and make sure Joolia is behaving.
            Starting Weight: 197.5
            Current Weight: 123
            Far healthier!


            • Janie I totally get that. I hope you keep posting here though. You are an important part of the group and Joolia will misbehave without your watchful eye. Plus, I would like to see how the new plan works for you.

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              • Janie, me too! Please keep us updated.

                Anyone drinking Kombucha? I'm having my first bottle in over a month. Will it hinder me?


                • Calee I took a break from the booch making, but I can't imagine it hindering you.

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                  • Pony500: So, as far as timing for oil shots, I'm assuming it is better to do them in two separate shots at two different times of the day, right? Has anyone just done one double shot and have it work? Not that it matters much, I was just wondering. I've been doing two so far--and it works really great to just put the oil in a little water and drink it down that way--I found that to be the best and least gross way. The first few times I did them, I ate a whole spoon of refined coconut oil and that was pretty gross. Then I tried putting it in water like some of you suggested and that's perfect--it just goes right down and then I chase with some more water.

                    Pony, when I am "on" SLD, I like doing 2T at one time, it just makes it easier to do that once a day. And I think taking it after my first meal (1 or 2 hrs later) doesnt give me the runs...just my experience. I use ELOO, and I put it in water, drink it down with a straw while holding my breath. Its easier than coconut oil to get down, and has no after taste.
                    So that works for me.

                    And Janie, yeah, not to dismiss all my virtual friends, but Julia keeps us all coming back for more!


                    • Thanks, Oceangrl, Calee and HopelessDreamer. I really like you all and this thread, so I will be reporting back for sure.
                      Starting Weight: 197.5
                      Current Weight: 123
                      Far healthier!


                      • Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
                        Calee I took a break from the booch making, but I can't imagine it hindering you.

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                        Oh good! I've never made my own, but I have many bottles in the fridge. Today I remembered that I can probably have it. Not very many carbs and I love the fizz.


                        • Hotmail, I hope you do well with the new oil.

                          I had a good day, but only a walk, no Pilates as I took a bad fall in the park yesterday at mile 4. Had to hobble the last 1.5 miles back to the car. I have a hip that's beginning to get colorful. Food was not difficult which is always a blessing. My set point doesn't however, seem to want to budge.

                          OG, my favorite documentary of the year is coming to Portland. Walking the Camino, Six ways to Santiago. It's been winning the audience awards at film festivals all over the world. It's on my must see list. Zach and I are planning the walk,mperhaps next year or the year after. Let me know if you want details. I promise you won't be sorry if you go. Zach and I hung out with the Director at thecPalm Springs Documentary film festival in April.


                          • Ugh.... I slept 11-2:30 and woke up hungry. Forgot my evening shot before bed. I guess it makes a difference. Dinner was light. 2 cups salad, 1 ounce cheddar, 2 ounces skirt steak. I wanted eat but didnt at 2:30. Read and fell back to sleep from 4-5:30. Sipping decaf w 1tea heavy cream. Will definitely have my morning shot!

                            Before W30 I used to have 1T of cream in my decaf. This week I learned that my taste has changed and now I can enjoy a teaspoon as much as a tablespoon. I think going off cream for 2.5 months gave me a different appreciation for the flavor of my decaf. I may drink real coffee, 1 small cup in the morning while in Europe. I LOVE caffiene, which is why I abstain at home. I get too revved up from even a single 8 oz at 6am.

                            Full day. I am going to try Pilates at 4. Not sure I can lay on my side yet on the reformer but I can do everything else.

                            Keeping food BORING. Speaking of which, Jooolia, how was your first day of kidless freedom? What did you do with yourself?

                            We had a lightning show all night. How very strange for the bay area in August.

                            Happy Tuesday!


                            • Calee I would like to know more about the documentary.

                              I had a weird sleep night as well. Went to sleep at 11 and woke up at 3:45 starving. I tried to ignore it but gave up at 4:15. I got up and made myself bone broth egg drop soup. I so wasn't into the cooking but the only grab and chomp were hard boiled eggs which didn't sound good at all. I even chopped up a garnish of green onion for the soup. Even small cooking chores are annoying at 4:15. The soup tasted good though. I may have it for breakfast.

                              Lots of laundry today. I hate it when the whole shebang has to be done. Clothes, jammies, sheets, dog blanket, comforter and towels. I use the apt laundry so at least I have two washers and two dryers. I make the apt manager ghee and mayo. She pays me in quarters so it usually works out that I never pay for laundry. That makes me giggle a little.

                              Off for a walk before diving into laundry.

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                              • WHAT? Lightning show and I MISSED IT?!?!? ^*&^*&!!!

                                Where? When?

                                Damnit, I coulda been watching THAT instead of lying in bed furious
                                that I couldn't sleep.

                                First day of school went swimmingly.

                                The Baby Jesus made it to and from middle school without being abducted,
                                and Baby Wet Blanket came out of class for the first time in THREE YEARS,
                                ALL SMILES.

                                LOVES his teacher.... whom his brother also had for third grade.

                                I'm positive Mrs. Hamilton still has PTSD from two years ago when I helped
                                out in class every week, but she's going to have to get over it, cuz Mama is
                                helping again. HA!

                                Anyway, I was so pleased that Baby Camden was happy, loves his teacher (she's
                                a PERFECT FIT for his sensitive type) and even said later "mommy, I love school".

                                Right, well, it's the first day... so, let's not jump the gun here. 3rd grade is no joke
                                and Mama ain't doin' a lick of your homework this year. Sorreeeee!

                                Anyway, Baby Jesus had a GREAT day, said the day went so quickly with his 7 periods,
                                and walking with his friends was fine.

                                Though, I must say.. ahem, Over Protective Helicopter Mom *was* skulking around the
                                main street home around 3pm to meet him.. cough:sueme:cough.

                                *I* went for a glorious walk yesterday, got a TON of stuff done around the house, went to costco,
                                ALONE, and managed to get 25K steps in. Wahoooo!!! 12 miles!

                                OG and Lee, of course you both can move in. You'll both have your own rooms, and I promise I won't
                                ask you to clean OR cook, but if you could help with my $4100 mortgage, that'd be great. Kthanxbai!

                                In SLD news, not much going on.

                                I haven't gotten on the scale in FOREVER since LadyTime was approaching, but with all the stress about
                                The Baby Jesus getting to and from school and Baby Wet Blanket actually "liking school" and his teacher
                                I've scared OFF LadyTime. God. That only means one thing: It's gonna be a doozy when it finally hits.

                                Going on day 31 here.

                                Thought for sure it'd hit last night with the relief that everything really WAS going to be okay, but no.

                                Whatever, I ain't sad. Just still really bloated.

                                Janie! Totally get you on your macros for muscle building. For sure stop the oil and get MORE
                                protein. That'll be more satiating in itself anyway. Keep us posted on your progress.

                                I was going to try two tablespoons of oil today for my first shot since y'all were chatting
                                about it, but it looked like SO MUCH that I put one tablespoon back. It skeered me cuz
                                I know THAT MUCH will probably gimme the works, and I gotta go to the LIEBARRY to pick
                                up a book I have on hold, so no blowing mud in a public bathroom, thanks.

                                Oh Julia, how crass.

                                Would you expect anything less?

                                Good, my work is done here.