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Primal Mint Jelly ?? for my lamb addiction

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  • Primal Mint Jelly ?? for my lamb addiction

    my god there's a lot of sugar and corn fructose in the jar from the store,

    anyone have a workaround to this one ?

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    Maybe do a mint pesto? Olive oil, mint, pine nuts...toss in a blender.
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      try mint sauce instead, its what we have in the UK, chopped mint.. lots.. wetted with enough vinegar to make a sauce.


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        You know, I love lamb and I've never had it with mint. Is the mint jelly what you really love? Cause Google will show you a bajillion ways to cook lamb without mint.
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          like em both,
          kinda like peanutbutter and jelly,
          but i'm quitting right ?
          so back to the lamb, or mint jelly,
          after opening the jelly I read the ingrediants,
          I can eat the lamb without,
          but will be trying the couple substitute mint slathers,

          keep em coming


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            I saw mint jelly at Whole Foods.... it may have some sweetener but probably not HFCS etc.

            Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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              You could try making your own mint jelly. Find a regular recipe and take out the sugar. Maybe sub in a little stevia. I like the flavor of mint jelly on lamb but they taste way too sweet for me now.


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                Based on the few recipes I found, you would be far better off making mint sauce which is fresh mint leaves, vinegar, a pinch of sugar and water. The recipe for mint jelly calls for 3.5 cups of sugar alone.


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                  Primal mint sauce: spearmint leaves chopped finely with apple cider vinegar (the live one with mother in)
                  Primal mint jelly: pureed apple or pureed apricot with spearmint leaves.

                  I am definitely a lamb fan...and I like mint too.