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  • Kraut/Keifer/Yogurt/Fermented Veggies/Probiotics

    If you make em, can you share your recipes and how-to's with me? I'm ready to start making my own.

    edit: I thought I put this in recipe section.... oh well. lol
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    Keeping the grains for Kefir was too much of a hastle for me. Lacto-veggie fermentation is SUPER EASY though. It's just a brine of water and salt, then submerge whatever veggies you want for 2-4 weeks to ferment.

    Heres a quick kraut recipe Making Sauerkraut | Wild Fermentation :: Wild Fermentation

    I actually have his book. I basically just use that to ferment the few things that I do.

    For yogurt....I do the SCD 24hr kind. Thats here - Making SCD-Legal Homemade Yogurt

    I don't have a yogurt maker. You can wrap it in towels and put it in a good cooler, place it behind a running slow cooker, or put it in your oven with just the light on. All these are possible work arounds if you don't have the yogurt maker. You just need to keep it between 90-110 degree F for the 24 hours.

    Those are my 3 main ferments. The veggies can be fun to make in all kinds of combos so just play with it! Have fun!


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      I've made this, as it is easy Making Yogurt- Cooler method | Health, Home, & Happiness . The first time it worked, the second time it did not (the second time I actually stood at the stove the whole time with a thermometer... )

      I made this once: Beet Kvass "Medicinal use" as a description is spot on. My husband loves beets, and even he is largely ambivalent about this.

      I successfully did this How To Grow A Kombucha SCOBY | Food Renegade and now make my kombucha.

      I made sauerkraut from the recipe in the book Fat, but it's largely the same as this: Sauerkraut Recipe from Nourishing Traditions and yummy. I used half red cabbage, which helps as I have bad memories of extreme gastro-intestinal distress from my mom's store-bought yellow stuff.


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        I have been making Matsoni yogurt. It sets at ordinary room temperature I.e. 70 or so degrees F. It makes a super yogurt, not too tangy at all and a nice texture. Excellent for smoothies!! And like Kefir a small amount held back starts the next lot so it seems extremely long lived.


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          Those are interesting. My crockpot made it perfectly, until I cracked it. The older crock pot, which isnt really a crock pot, it is a rival I think, the warm is waaaaay to hot. So the last few times, I used the warmer in the middle of my stove top (ceramic or some kind of glass top)
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