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Gum during fasting

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  • Gum during fasting

    So I am not sure if this has been discussed but do you all consider chewing gum while fasting cheating? I am in the midst of a 24 hr fast right now and I just popped in a piece.. It's sugarfree but I Still feel a little guilty. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    I guess it depends on how hardcore you want to be? I never gave a second thought to popping in 1-2 pieces of sugar free gum during a fast. Maybe just make sure it's one of these tooth whitening kinds to help justify it! heh


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      this brings up another topic for me, is mints.

      i know they aren't really natural but do y'all think the sweetness would cause an insulin spike?


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        I'm in the middle of a 24-hr fast too, but no gum for me. I quit chewing gum some time ago. I dislike the strong flavor mostly, but also I'm trying to go as minimal as possible. Just water on my fasts.


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          Well I am a tea drinker to the max, although I do cut it in half when I am fasting. Gum is not a big part of my life, I just happened to see a piece today and arbitrarily pop it in. lol

          All in all, I feel like the gum, and even a couple of mints, won't cause too much of an insulin spike. I just wanted to see what others thought.
 says a serving of gum (aprox. 3 g, aprox 7 cal) is rated 1 on the GI scale. I am no longer worried about this.

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            I don't think gum will hurt you at all. I lost 91 pounds chewing gum everyday.


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              Dr. Mercola says that when we chew our pancreas secretes enzymes in anticipation of actual food. And since at least for me an IF is about giving my digestive system ample time to rest, relax and cleanse iand repair, gum-chewing would be a no-no. Although I doubt it is as bad as actually eating something substantial.
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                ^^^ Was just going to mention that. It just depends how strict you want to be, and as long as you know that it's you're decision.
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                  Ooops, I'm shooting for a 36 hour fast, and popped a stick of sugar free gum. Didn't think twice about it.

                  I have no guilt about it though, fasting isn't a moral thing for me.

                  I mostly chew it to freshen up my breath at work, but I think I'll get some super-peppermint oil herbal breath freshener I was using a while back in the near future.