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Is it bad to eat fat foods cold?

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    Originally posted by AshleyL View Post
    Yea, you can catch a cold as result of cold. Cold stresses the body, stress reduces immunity.
    It can suppress the immune system, yes, but, unless you're exposed to a cold virus you haven't had (there are 200 variants and it's believed you can only get most versions once), it doesn't GUARANTEE it. You have to have enough of the cold break through your immune system to begin with, and for that you need to be exposed to someone who has a version of the cold you've not had before.

    I also find that, the more accustomed my body gets to the cold, the less colds I get -- I found this even pre-primal, I get ill a maximum of twice a year at the moment and I haven't been left "out" by illness for two and a half years, as my body fights the symptoms better, so I can just carry on. Basically: cold exposure seems to tell my body "You're going to be cold more often, so, from now, cold is the new normal. Get used to it." And my immune system seems to have got used to it.
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      I lived in a 'suburb' in the outskirts of Krakow and commuted into the city center for my language classes for a couple of months...I lived with a host family for most of my time in Krakow; I went to the country to become fluent in Polish after many frustrating years of trying to learn on my own with guidance from my babcia.

      I only managed survival-level Polish, enough to take some long bus rides out to the countryside where there was zero English, ask for directions and order food in butcher shops and restaurants, and then argue with the bus company when they tried to tell me in Polish that there were no returning buses...most of the Poles are incredibly friendly and helpful but the people working in the bus and train stations are completely different, so it's pretty helpful to have some rudimentary arguing skills in Polish if planning to take a bus or train there.

      I then spent a few weeks traveling around other various parts of Poland like Wraclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, etc... It's a really beautiful country that's thriving and really underestimated. I don't think most people realize what a hidden gem it is.