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Long Post Warning: I had my first cook-off - Pork Belly - who knew?!

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  • Long Post Warning: I had my first cook-off - Pork Belly - who knew?!

    Oh boy what a cooking great time I had last night... I don't partake of coffee usually however, 4pm came and I was starved, nothing in the cupboards at home that I fancied taking that morning so decided to IF, 4pm/20ish hours was my limit so I decided (not sure why) to have a fresh-brewed coffee. Well, after that I was zipping around the office completely off my face! Went shopping, spent a fortune, put LOADS of primal foods into my trolley and decided to have a cook off when I got home. I am not a fan of pork as a rule, bacon upset my tummy the other day but as I walked the meat isle I came across a pork belly at a very reasonable 4 ($6 approx). Well, why not I thought and in it went!

    So, upon arriving home I quickly made DH's dinner, rolled my sleeves up and started to scout out the slow cooker only to discover I had packed it ready for our move and DH had taken it to storage! So, I had the following ingredients and had to think fast:
    Pork Belly, Beef joint, Chicken breasts, legs and thighs, Streaky Bacon, Minced beef, Sweet red peppers, regular green, red and yellow peppers, Red & White onions, Carrots, Parsnips, Cauliflower, Cream, Cheese, Coconut - desiccated and whole, 90% dark chocolate, sausages, eggs

    I made:

    Turtle burgers (minus the legs and heads which I think is hotdog sausages) - minced beef egg & diced onion made into a patty with slice of cheese placed in the middle covered by a bit more patty and topped with interwoven streaky bacon.
    Roasted pork belly with crackling -OMG, why didn't anyone tell me, I nearly ate the whole thing! Sliced some up this morning in fact!
    Roasted beef that will become several dishes including stir-fry, curry, salad etc
    Cauliflower rice - big batch and frozen so I can scoop out anytime required.
    Sheppard's pie (or is that cottage pie, I never know) with cauliflower topping
    Roasted chicken that will be snacks and stir-fry if it lasts that long
    Macaroons (desiccated coconut and melted chocolate mixed and spooned onto greaseproof sheet and into fridge or freezer! Easypeasy :-)
    Roasted vegetables that I set the beef on to roast - I'll use for omelettes, dinners and eventually will liquidise and add cream to make soup
    Cooked sausage for many different dishes throughout the week
    Coconut chicken portions (chicken dipped in egg and rolled in desiccated coconut & herbs/spices of choice then fried in fat on a lowish heat)
    Chicken curry with coconut milk, cream and various veg
    Boiled eggs for snacks

    I think that's it but I'm set for a couple of weeks. It only took about 3 hours and it's set me up for ages, I always struggle to see how people can say 'fast food' is quicker, I can't imagine anything nicer, not to mention quicker, and all it took was a bit of effort one evening.

    So, if you made it this far without falling asleep I would like to ask you a question - what do you make on the days you have a cook-off?

    There are none so blind as those determined not to see

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    Holy cows, pigs and chickens, Batman!

    You've encouraged me to get out of my rut of cooking. As of right now, I have no idea what I'd cook in a cook off but I will be thinking about it!
    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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      i make huge batches of coconut milk curry, loaded with veggies meat and seafood.

      How did you roast the pork belly? was it one big chunk? i just had my first pork belly experiance and loved it!


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        jrherring - holy cows, pigs and chickens, Batman - you had me in fits of giggles :-)

        MeatMe216 - Yes, I just roasted it in the oven on a rack inside a tin so that it was free of the bottom, first time I've used it and it was easy! I did note that the crackling wouldn't go crispy so I removed it from the meat once the meat was cooked and set the meat aside in some tinfoil to rest. I put a bit more olive oil, salt & pepper (note to self, no need for too much salt) on the piece of fat and put it back on the rack and into the oven. I still had the veggies roasting and it wasn't until I took them out that things started to crisp up, I wonder if the moisture from the veg prevented it? Still, it came out beautiful and was almost scarfed down before I realised what I was doing!

        Just had another filtered coffee - I wonder what I'll get up to this time.......! This stuff is almost as good as pork belly..... almost!
        There are none so blind as those determined not to see


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          wow .... wow .... that is awesome !! ... sounds lovely .... please come to my house !!
          You have given me some great ideas !
          Check out my new blog at


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            I would love to Primalmom although it's a bit far for a day-trip sadly! I could post some to you, what would you like?! :-) ...yes mr customs officer, of course I understand the laws on sending food trans-atlantic, but it's for the good of PB!!! - I don't think it'll wash TBH!
            There are none so blind as those determined not to see


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              I didn't know you guys called your shopping carts trolleys. cool.


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                Oh yes Little_Fish, we've lots of different words here, some make me laugh - crash course: cart = trolly, Faucet = Taps, elavator = lift, Candy = sweets/sweeties, diapers = nappies, pacifier = dummy, freeway = duel carridgeway, galoshes = wellies or wellington boots, pants = trousers, underwear = pants (can you see why we get confused?), shredded = grated, bonking = eh hem, relations ;-) I have to say, when I read an article Mark wrote about bonking I did have to read it twice to be sure! :-)
                There are none so blind as those determined not to see


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                  mmmm cracling. note to self: dont read foodposts with 5 more hours to go on IF - i was just fine untill a second ago. better get back to work.
                  challenge yourself
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