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Women and lost menstrual cycle...

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  • Women and lost menstrual cycle...

    Richard Nikoli talks about woman that posted on his blog about getting their periods back after eating fish and/or taking iodine: (he mentions it 1/2 way through the podcast)

    and the original post he mentions:
    I assume answers are in the comments. I'm still going through them.

    I know many of you have this issue. Inc. iodine intake might be worth a try.
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    Oh, I found it. The link is in the comments on the post above. It's here:


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      Thanks for the link! This is actually pretty interesting seeing as how I am having this problem myself.. But he does mention

      Again, I just wonder: what are the normal thyroid levels for true hunter gatherers? That said, no way that any natural diet would get you that much iodine chronically.
      so that would lead to the question of whether supplementing iodine is natural? And how would one figure out how much iodine they need so they don't go over?


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        I wouldn't sweat too much over the details of true hunter-gatherers... Most of our female ancestors spent a LOT of their time either pregnant or nursing, so having a period every month is already not very primal. We might need to make some adaptations to handle that.


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          eat sea veggies and fish before would take iodine... i am "one of the women" without her perioddue to eatingproblems... i have heard horror stories of people unnaturally screwing with supplements and their thyriod...

          i would personally stick with good nutrition...lots ofbone broth and marrow(timely post today by the big guy) is what i am doing first
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            i also would not be IF if i were you and lost my period.....
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              So I've been doing more research about this and I've stumbled upon some of Lyle McDonald's work. He pretty much knows what he is talking about when it comes to the body and hormones, etc.. Anyway, this is from his article over leptin:

              Loss of menstrual cycle is a well known effect of dieting and intensive training and while it was always thought to be related to body fat levels per se, it appears that energy availability (which, remember, leptin tells the body about) is a bigger factor. Essentially, when the body ísensesí that energy availability is insufficient, it shuts down what are essentially Ďextra activitiesí such as reproduction.
              and also

              In this vein, recent work has found that females suffering from amenorrhea (a loss of menstrual cycle) respond to replacement levels of leptin with improvements in reproductive function, bone health, thyroid and overall hormonal axes, etc. Without weight gain.
              study here:

              The link for this article is here:

              What do you guys, or more accurately, girls, think about this? It makes sense in the context that he's presenting it in. Also, it does apply to myself as I was on a fresh, whole foods vegetarian diet before PB and my intake was probably ~1000cal/day which is most likely the reason why I no longer have menstrual cycles.