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Planning a New Year's Fast - Anyone Interested?

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    Done. I just did about 20 hours again and now I'm back to eating normally.

    Good news is my flu is gone. I'm still recovering but getting very close to normal. I exercised this morning, and it's really great to be back to approaching normal.

    Fasting is *the* thing, I am convinced, for almost anything that ails us. I even had a tendon issue that completely went away. I realized when I got back from my walk/run that I had forgotten all about it. Not even a whisper of pain anymore. Wow.


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      Ok people. I know I said I am going to do this, but the leftover chocolate and icecream got to me. I know, silly excuse, but then again. There is no better place to admit my weaknesses but here, right?

      After the Xmas and NYE week non-primal eating extravaganza, I ate like crap this weekend. Really really bad. So bad that my body hates me. Why, oh why do I do this to myself? Anyway, will save that for another post.

      I am starting this fast NOW. Last meal was at 10pm last night, so it has already been a little over 12 hours. The longest fast I have done so far has been around 30 hours or so. Lets see how long I will last. Will just keep going.

      I am currently revising the last bits of my PhD dissertation, so I need to zone into that. I am going to have many "fake" hunger cries during this stage. Key will be to keep my mind occupied at all times.

      Looks like there will be lots and lots and lots of water in my future. Reading your posts were so helpful. I can do this!


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        I ended up going 48 hours, then ate dinner. The next day, I fasted for 24 hours and only ate dinner.
        And then, the weekend hit and I lost it, so back onto the dinner only for today at least. Then I'll get back to regular healthy eating.
        The fasting works to remind us that we don't need most of the food we eat, eating for pleasure rather than nourishment is a bad habit.


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          I believe you said you were not doing it for weight loss, but curious for myself. Did end up losing in total at all?
          55 yr old male


          Weight; 199
          Chest; 41.5
          Waist; 42
          Hips; 40
          Thigh; 22.5
          Calf; 15
          Bicep: 13
          Forearm; 11.5
          Neck; 17


          Weight; 200
          Chest; 42
          Waist; 42.5
          Hips; 39
          Thigh; 23
          Calf; 15
          Bicep: 13
          Forearm; 11.5
          Neck; 16


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            Originally posted by ez2cy View Post
            I believe you said you were not doing it for weight loss, but curious for myself. Did end up losing in total at all?
            Wasn't sure to whom this was directed.

            I lost ten pounds, and gained three back, for a net loss of seven pounds, which has held steady these past two days.
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              I have just completed 24 hours of my fast, and so far, it has been going smoothly. Been drinking a lot of water and keeping my mind buzy. Anyway, the first 30 hours or so are easy for me, as I have done this before. Curious to see how far I can push myself this time.

              The hardest window for me is between 9am - 5pm...when I think (not hunger, of course) of food. After that, I am fine. I am taking my daughter to the museum after school tomorrow, and then dinner. I dont want to eat tomorrow, because that will be still close to my previous fast-duration achievements. Lets see how it goes.


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                36 hours almost up! I dont feel hungry at all this morning. I feel less gassy today, which is a sign that maybe the crap food from the holidays is gradually leaving my system.

                I am trying to keep a very buzy day today, so that I dont have to deal with or think about food.

                Anyone else still fasting?


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                  Originally posted by clayjay View Post
                  I've never fasted before. I'm going to try, starting tomorrow. After the fast i'm going to try and eat primal full time after this horrible xmas binge. So, I guess i'll just wake up and not eat? That's my plan! No experience with this before.
                  Me too! ... I just feel terrible post-Christmas yuckiness and I think a fast would be good for me, too. I'm taking it lightly though. I'm brand-new to the primal lifestyle, so I think this is could be a good way to "clean the slate" and begin making thoughtful choices as to what I'm using to fuel my body. I want to journal through my experience as well. I'm going to commit to today, tomorrow, and then we'll see how I feel..
                  But like Oxide, I might need a few things to sip on and sink my teeth into to get me through.. even just my coffee and a tiny bit of chorizo or lomo. And thanks for the list of helpful fasting tools, Sabine!

                  ...These are my ideas/loose plans, but honestly, if I start to feel ravenous then I'll become a cheerleader for the rest of 'yall

                  Oh yeah, and here are my stats: 22 years old, 5'2" and the last I weighed myself I was 59 Kg (130 lbs)...
                  any suggestions/corrections/ideas/encouragement you have for me are welcome and appreciated!


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                    I am going to go back and read this whole thread, and attempt to read all the others on fasting, as there is heaps.
                    My stats are in my siggy, and I have a lot of weight to lose. Been primal on and off for over a year, but really more the last few months strictly. Have been following the eat moar fat for just over a week, and I use BP coffee in the morning, and eat a meal in the afternoon/evening.
                    If I fast, what is the best length of time for getting my body to burn the stored fat? 2-3 days? Is it still fasting if I have a BP coffee in the morning?


                    • Hello all,
                      Like Ayla, I've been following/lurking on both this and the moar fat thread. My personal combo has been to fast for 24 hours and then eat a keto dinner (each day dinner has got a little later to fit in the full 24 hours). Three days in and I've dropped a bit of bloat and am starting to *see* fat leave (I don't weigh so I only have what my eyes and clothes tell me). Best of all, my waistband gets looser as the day goes on and I seem to lose girth while I sleep. It's fascinating!
                      I like badgers, books and booze, more or less in that order.


                      • ill check out your journal BG. Do you have much to lose?


                        • Originally posted by Ayla2010 View Post
                          ill check out your journal BG. Do you have much to lose?
                          Thanks to a bout of emotional eating lasting three months (and culminating with Christmas) I have - at a guess as I never weigh - about 15-20lbs to dispose of. I'm tall - a sniff off 6ft - and can carry a bit of lard, but I prefer not to. I'm in Aus too and want to get back to my happy weight in time for Autumn/Winter when I wear trousers more often (I find trousers very unforgiving of weight fluctuations). So, if it takes two months to shift three months' worth of bingeing and bad choices, I'll be a happy camper.

                          As my journal records, I'm considering fasting during the week and eating more generously (and keto) at weekends, which is when I tend to graze anyway. I'll see how it goes.
                          I like badgers, books and booze, more or less in that order.


                          • So not eating at all during the week? Any thing besides water?


                            • No - progressive 24 hour fasts, broken with dinner. Each day dinner gets later to fit in a full 24 hours. Dinner is a keto-friendly meal of 600-700 calories. I also start my day with a coffee with a little milk. Water/black tea during the day. I've done this for three days (today being the third) and it's sitting well with me as a short-term - couple of weeks or so - reset. After that I think I'll reintroduce lunch!

                              I eat way, way more at weekends so this is something of a diet hack.
                              I like badgers, books and booze, more or less in that order.


                              • That sounds like a good plan